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Akwa Ibom 2019: Pictures From Governor Udom Reelection Launch And Manifesto Unveiling(Manifesto Attached)

Akwa Ibom 2019:  Pictures From Governor Udom Reelection Launch And Manifesto Unveiling(Manifesto Attached)
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Akwa Ibom 2019: Pictures From Governor Udom Reelection Launch And Manifesto Unveiling (Manifesto Attached)

Governor Udom Emmanuel today presented before Akwa Ibom people his manifesto for his second term. He calls it the Completion Agenda.

Hear Him: “Today, from power sector to health sector, to economic empowerment, youth and women inclusion; in the face of recession, we are men of proven integrity. The same people that promise you 31 industries; did they do one? No! But, within three years, we have come out with an exceptional scorecard because we are playing politics of development”

Manifesto Presentation & Campaign flag of by His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, PDP Gubernatorial Candidate for 2019 elections.


“Mr  Udom Emmanuel is not just a performing Governor of Akwa Ibom State but a performing Governor in the South South geopolitical zone. My beloved people of Akwa Ibom, you have a good product in Governor Emmanuel. Second term election is when friends become enemies, people you helped turn against you. But second term is an opportunity to consolidate on good governance. We will continue to stand with you. Bayelsa State won election against the so-called Federal might. Akwa Ibom will also make it. No shaking. Akwa Ibom sosongo oo.”

-Mr. Seriake Dickson, Bayelsa State Governor in Uyo during the Manifesto Presentation and flag off of the campaign of Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel.

” Your Excellency, the executive Governor of our dear State, the performing Governor, the leader we are proud to follow,as the captain of team Akwa Ibom.

Governor ,performer,industrialist,financial manager,ono owo mkpo udom Emmanuel. From your gate keepers in the House of Assembly,strong ,tested allies of yours standing here,being your gate keeper against all onslaught. We pledge that from the nooks and cronies of our state constituencies, we are going to bring out votes for you to succeed.

Akwa Ibom people let us support Governor Udom Emmanuel, because he means well for that State”

Rt. Hon. Onofiok Luke ,Speaker Akwa Ibom state House of Assembly and Chairman publicity and image management committee of Divine Mandate campaign Organization ,speaking at the official flagged off of Governor udom Emmanuel’s campaign and presentation of Manifesto.

“Nsima was not qualified as deputy governor for more than one year and he is now coming to rule us as governor few years after. If he was not fit to complete his term as deputy in 2012, he can’t be fit to govern in 2019. Those who said he was unfit to serve as deputy governor now say he is the best to lead our state. The only thing that can unite them is the greed to steal our wealth, otherwise they are strange bedfellows. No reasonable person in Nigeria will cross over from PDP to APC”

– Barr. Emmanuel Enoidem, PDP National Legal Adviser at Udom Emmanuel’s Manifesto presentation


APC Chieftain and former Speaker, Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Engr. Ignatius Edet defects with over 5000 supporters to PDP

For more than ten years I have been an active member of APC , our members were killed and kidnapped during the dark days of Senator Godswill Akpabio as Governor .

Today the same person who masterminded these crimes against APC members is now in that Party as a saint , this is why Most of us left the Party .

If we allow Nsima Ekere to become our Governor , he will be killing and turn around to commune with Godswill Akpabio, to say, Sir I have surpassed your record of killings . And Akpabio will tell him, well done my boy.

If in mere party Primaries , over five people lost their lives , I can assure you here today that, if Nsima Ekere takes over as Governor , two months later, he will start his second term agenda , and anyone who opposes him will be killed in minutes.
When Akpabio used to say Oh Uyo , I never really knew then what it meant . But now it is very clear, because, his intention to ridicule Uyo Senatorial District and Ibibios is very obvious .

I’m joining PDP today because Governor Udom Emmanuel is a man of peace and his developmental strides are very superlative.

Emma Joseph

Former Chairman of Chairmen, Positive Change Campaign Organization of Senator John J Udoedehge


Click Here to Download The Manifesto

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