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Senior Consultant Buharists are making lots of meat out of the recent disclosure by the White House Press Secretary that President Buhari numbered amongst several Heads of State President Trump spoke with yesterday. As evidence-in-chief, they are pointing to the statement from the same source that transcripts of the conversation are available for review.

One of the commentators has even called the doomsayers amongst us to shame in a triumphalist, chest-thumping, I-know-better-than-you exhibition of penmanship here on Facebook.

Unfortunately, the shame is on all of us. And it is Buhari who has wrought this havoc of shame upon the whole nation by his unmitigated rudeness. In which Nigerian language, let alone the Queen’s English, can it be reported that Buhari maintained an arrogant silence throughout the period when Nigerians despaired for his health and prayed in one voice for his expeditious recovery?

With which tongue would we now report that whereas this man ignored 200 millions of his people, even as he reposed in splendid relaxation at their expense, he was quick to jump up, postpone his medical tests and all and grab the receiver merely to listen to the voice of that one in America.


If this is what transpired, then Buhari suffers from an absolute lack of confidence in himself as a Nigerian, nay African, leader. It means he is still labouring under the burden of colonial intimidation. It further means that he is an international “I concurr member” and “Yes man”.

Yes! It means these and more! Which American leader would ignore the voices of 200 million Americans only to prefer to listen to one lone voice from the African wilderness? None!

This is why Buhari must tell us whether it is Trump who voted him into office or the rest of us. And this is why Buhari must one day return home to answer for this rudeness

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