Governor Udom: A Prophet Surrounded by Vampires!

Gov Udom- A Prophet Surrounded by Vampires!

This piece is occasioned by statements credited to a former state lawmaker, Hon. Kufreabasi Etuk, in the social media . He was quoted as saying that those working with Governor Udom Emmanuel are not sincere with him.

Mr Etuk also asserted that most topnotch politicians surrounding the governor in the day time and claiming to be interested in his wellbeing are secretly romancing the APC at night.

I would have done a great disservice to the governor if these revelations coming from an APC chieftain in the state had skipped my pen.

As a fervent political analysis over the years, I do know that politics is a game of interest. And the players, that is, politicians are likened to green snakes on a green cress. They are slippery set of humans. They are insincere mortals.

There are several meanings of vampire in the dictionary. For the sake of this article, “a vampire is an extortionist; one who exploits others; a rejuvenated corpse that sucks human blood at night.” therefore, in Akwa Ibom to be a good and successful politician, one must act like a vampire.

Governor Udom Emmanuel appointees are betrayals

But must every politician possess the attributes of a vampire? Must they continue to live by deceit, tricks, cheating and masquerading themselves in false pretence, in order to extort and exploit their innocent victim(s) and/or target(s) at the detriment of the state? These are disturbing questions.

The coming on stage of a decent career-banker and a fine policy strategist with a clear cut five points agenda for the people, would have meant well for a civil service state like ours. But for the political shenanigans surrounding his administration.

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I know that Governor Emmanuel is a seasoned risk manager by training, but earnestly speaking, this risk is too much to bear. He is in a pitiable dilemma sitting as one good prophet in the midst of hundreds of vampires. He has good intentions for the state but finds it difficult to actualise them. No thanks to these vampires around him!

It was on this same platform, I put up a write up titled; “Before PDP Dies In Akwa Ibom”, I want the governor to read it. I had used that article to raise alarm over what is now blown open by the ex-lawmaker and APC topnotcher.

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Like Kufre Etuk, a similar statement was also credited to the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Barr Onofiok Luke, in Ini LGA when Hon. Emmanuel Ekpenyong held his constituency briefing/empowerment programme. Mr Luke was reported to have said that appointees of the governor are using the current economic recession in the country as excuse not to empowers their people.

This was a very good observation by Mr Speaker which should be taken seriously by the governor. It implies that the appointees are “selfish and after their stomachs”, not minding how the people feel about the government.

In fact, as it stands, Governor Emmanuel should know that he inherited vampires as political structures from his predecessor. And none of those re-appointed into his administration from his predecessors he can boldly tell, owes him allegiance.

Stop blackmailing lawmakers, Akwa Ibom Speaker warns political appointees -THE KILLERPUNCHH NEWS
. Hon Ekpenyong (R) receiving the Speaker, Onofiok Luke

The governor had made costly mistake by believing that the vampires in his government would have change of hearts and work for the actualisation of his laudable programmes for the state.


By May 29, 2017 (i.e.; next month), Udom would have spent two years in office, judging from the daily defection of members of the governor’s political party, the PDP, to the APC, it means, all is not well. And yet, none of these self-acclaimed political leaders hanging around the corridors of any government-in-power (AGIP) have proffered solutions to save the government party. If they were sincere and are not holding midnight clandestine meetings with the opposition plotting the fall of the government.

They are busy using their mobile phones to send negative text messages to the governor, blackmailing one another and had also built fences against genuine Akwa Ibomites who could have contributed positively for the benefit of the state and success of this administration.

Governor Emmanuel, to his credit, has caused unity amongst elder statesmen in the state. It is only in his administration that past governors of the state attend state functions; sit close to one another; have handshakes; hug themselves and exchange pleasantries. So far, the only governor in Akwa Ibom that has embraced his predecessors with open mind and open hands is Mr Udom Emmanuel. And this is a good omen for the state growths.

I would have wished the governor had not surrounded himself with insincere team who are selfish inclined and only interested in their stomachs; who see politics as a profession; who see their appointments as political compensation rather than a call to service of the state and humanity.

Before PDP Dies in Akwa Ibom

Finally, the past two years have been trying moments for this administration. It is now apt for the governor to re-organise the system. Set up his team. Make his remaining PDP members happier than their contemporaries in other parties. Find out why others defected and end the waves of defection in PDP.

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Work harder for PDP to also win defectors. And when next, I hear of mass defection in Akwa Ibom, it should be from other political parties to PDP as the ruling party in the state not the other way round.

By Franklyn Isong, Isong is a public affairs commentator

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