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Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Lego determine from Jurassic Park is dino-mite – CNET


Life, uh, finds a way, as Dr. Ian Malcolm famously stated.


What is the maximum iconic a part of the unique 1993 movie Jurassic Park? The majestic theme tune? That vibrating water cup? The enormous pile of dinosaur poo? Gadgets in replicate are nearer than they seem? “Suave woman”?

Naw, it is Jeff Goldblum stripping down and flaunting his chest, a glance that is been memed and mocked and celebrated or even made into figurines, T-shirts and throw pillows. And now it is preserved without end in Lego shape.

On Tuesday, the reliable Twitter account for Lego Staff launched a video of the brand new Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage set, which will likely be to be had in retail outlets later this summer season. The tweet says it will be to be had in LEGO retail outlets and on-line June 19, however the on-line hyperlink says it is going to be to be had July 1. Lego didn’t straight away reply to a request to substantiate the discharge date.

A consultant for Goldblum didn’t straight away reply to a request for remark at the determine.

Getting you some shirtless Goldblum ain’t affordable — the set is $250. However you do not simply get a hunka, hunka burnin’ Goldblum.


Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm’s now not on my own within the set. The entire Jurassic Park gang is again in combination, together with that evil Dennis Nedry.


The three,120-piece set additionally comes with the trigger-activated Jurassic Park gate, a T-Rex, further minifigures together with John Hammond, Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, Ray Arnold and Dennis Nedry, and a child dinosaur determine. Oh, plus the infamous toilet where the lawyer died, Hammond’s melting ice cream, and Nedry’s changed shaving cream can that he used to cover dinosaur embryos. However it is shirtless Goldblum that is drawing maximum on-line consideration, and for just right reason why.

Lego, your scientists have been so preoccupied with whether they may, they did not forestall to suppose in the event that they must.

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