I have read posts, permutations, hate speeches and many more with regards to the Etinan Federal House of Representatives election come 2019.

I am delighted because it is my own Federal Constituency as such, truths will be uncovered and Calamity will never befall the children of this CONSTITUENCY the second time.

Some electorates assume that the contest will be between Elder Sam Ikon and current speaker, Barr. Onofiok Luke.

Ikon had since opening Facebook account been fond of publicizing employment opportunities, in most cases advise members of his constituency to submit CV.

Unfortunately, beneficiaries (if any) has/have not shown appreciation on the same or any other platforms (including saying testimonies in various churches) thereby making critics to wonder if the so-called SLOTS are DAKPO or the beneficiaries are ingrate.

But what could warrant beneficiary of Npower, Immigration, Scholarship and other juicy online employment SLOTS of Ikon Facebook advertisement committee not to show appreciation like that biblical leaper?

Or are they on PERMENENT PROBATION awaiting EMPLOYMENT LETTERS in the various sectors? Anyway, Ikon being a politician knows better.

To the best of my knowledge, both Akpan Ikon as he is fondly called and Onofiok Luke are dynamic legislators, the differences among the twosome are;

During Sam Ikon’s led speakership, five legislators who defected ( as a result of injustice meted on them by PDP) were sacked by him, whereas, under the watch of Luke, MP popularly known as POISON jumped ship to PDP (as a result of alleged inferiority complex he encountered on daily basis at the Hallow Chamber) and no sack notice was issued.

Also, it was during Ikon’s tenure that Akwa Ibom was ridiculed via obnoxious pension Bill, whereas, Property Bill which would have resembled such Bill was halted by Onofiok’s led leadership…though some legislators were demoted, few promoted.

I will never discuss that U.S “sexual Legislative engagement” where Ikon and two of his colleagues were indicted, COZ as human I wouldnt know if God did that so that Ikon will be travelling with his spouse as seen on the internet shortly after that incident till date…God works in a mysterious way. However, truth be told that Ikon is a good player and skimmer.


Barr. Luke aside from being the Captain of AKHA football team is also a political player who has tried to relate with all and sundry devoid of religion, political party affiliations, tribe and age to the extent that his fans cut across people within and outside his constituency as such anyone contesting 2019 election with such a figure must not only be politically strong but should carry grace beyond human imagination and expectations.

Forthcoming Etinan Federal House of Representatives election is not between Onofiok Luke and Sam Ikon as analysed on the internet. To me, it’s about ZONING. Nothing more , nothing less.

An attempt to disrupt the ZONING arrangement of that constituency may spell doom for any political party.

In Etinan Federal Constituency where I hail from, so far, Nsit Ibom through Hon. Ema Bassey had served for 8years between 1999-2007.

Sam Ikon is completing the Etinan eight years slot after Late Aniedi King served the first four years between 2007-2011.

Thus, it’s now turn of Nsit Ubium to complete the tenure of Rt. Hon. Dan Akpan who served btwn 2011-2015…anything short of that may be dicey.

In Etinan Federal Constituency, ZONING doesn’t stop incumbent from re-contesting, that is why Late Aniedi King, Rt. Hon. Dan Akpan recontested but were unable to scale through, as such, if SAm Ikon is recontesting, we shouldn’t see him as a foe, rather an opportunity where some lives may be changed, especially if IKON now has THE GIFT OF GIVING.

I have heard where incumbents claim that they are recontesting so as to head a committee in a legislative chamber. Well, it’s not enough reason to convince gullible especially when one observes that Godswill Obot Akpabio despite being a First timer became a MINORITY leader of the Senate…thus, grace differs.

I may not know who PDP or APC want to file as HOR candidate of my federal constituency, but I am too certain that if such person hails from Etinan, it may be a bit risky as any ant or cockroach filed from any other smaller party may win especially if such creature hails from Nsit Ubium.

Onofiok Luke from my perspective is good to go to the Green Chamber, I am only thinking that his popularity may diminish if he moves to Abuja and as such, he may LOSE out politically.

Hon. Emmanuel Ukoette, Obong Bassey Albert were damned too popular prior to their elevation, today in practical term, those guys are living in past glories…not because they are not impactful but because of that love adage, OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND.

Akpabio is only famous in Today’s Akwa Ibom State just because Udom is not performing and worststill doesn’t have SWAG.

If Udom had performed 1/4 of what Akpabio did, he would have gained home front support.

If Udom had embraced his perceived opponent like Onofiok Luke (who will go to Abuja visit and take some shots with Ikon)his support base would have blossomed to an extent.

If Udom had scolded his fans from castigating the highly tested and proven integrity of his perceived opponent (Like Onofiok did when some of his fans attacked Barr. Solomon Ekokoi)his re-election would have gotten sympathy votes.

Onofiok Luke has won the heart of so many not because he is the best but because TIMES and SEASON favour him.

Like Redeemed Christian Church of God which has at least a member of the denomination in each nuclear or extended family of our nation, Onofiok Luke has fans embedded in each nuclear and extended family in our dear state.

If he break the jinx that Gani, OBA and others couldn’t break, then he will score a good point.


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