2019: Ikot Abasi/Eastern Obolo people cries out,  Hon. Uduak Odudoh cannot go for a second term

…Recall how he assaulted His Majesty Joe Ntuk Obom

There are serious tension and anxiety in Ikot Abasi/Eastern Obolo state constituency ahead of 2019 House of Assembly election,where the current member representing the area Hon. Uduak Odudoh is said to be nursing an ambition for a second term in office.

The Lawmaker who is believed by some people to be blackmailing the Governor, by going around to tell people how the Governor has anointed him and is making every plan for me him to win the party’s primaries and the state house election.

According to an indigene of the area who pleaded anonymity said,that he does not believe that the Governor will want to soil his name in the mess the lawmaker has put himself in the local government and before the people of the constituency.

A man who since he got to the state house of Assembly ,has not been able to brief his constituents and report progress, all he thinks about is his family and hiding away from the people that voted him and using the constituency funds for his personal interest.

Going by the calculation of power rotation in the constituency, Uduak Odudoh was not even suppose to have been allowed to go to the house in the first place,because the zoning arrangement did not favour him.

He is from Esene, and Rt.Hon.Uwem Ekanem is from that clan,and had represented the area,and it was time for Edem Aya and Okon clan, but the zoning was thwarted, bringing him on board, so now that he has succeeded in stealing the mandate of the people, it will be very unfair for anybody, not even the Governor to come and preach the second term message of Uduak Odudoh, else PDP should be ready to loose that state constituency to another party.

Imagine a man who has not even assisted anybody from the constituency, going around during the last local government election to raise the issue of second term, and thanks to the women of the area who disgraced him, by singing that he is a stingy and self centered person, he promised the women soft loan for business, but failed to fulfilled his promises.

The problem caused by Hon.Uduak Ododoh is making people in the area threaten to leave PDP, how can he against the wish of all the elders, go and picked a councilor from ward 3 in the absence of the ward leaders and the political leader of the area, Rt.Hon.Justice Uwem, all for his selfish interest, the same Edem Aya ward 3 he went and picked a councilor, instead of Iboro and Ikot Obio Akpan, making the youths of the area to become aggrieved with the party, which had already produce Hon.Alphonsus Inankan as a councilor from Ikot Ikara.

Hon.Uduak Odudoh is a wasted slot for the people of Ikot Abasi/Eastern Obolo state constituency, last December he lied to the people about the rice and money the Governor gave to the people, claiming he was the one that was celebrating with the people.

How can one describe a man who had the mind to assault a whole paramount ruler,by hitting and breaking down his door, all in the name of being annoyed, What type of temperament could lead Udauk Odudoh to hit and break down the door of his majesty Joe Ntuk Obom, and this is the same fellow that is seeking royal blessing for a second term, his second term ambition is a cursed one and even God can never allow it.

He has caused so much disunity among the people, that is how he attack Obong Obot Etokafia,who was made the political leader, saying him and is followers were imposters, attention seekers, fraud, claiming he was the highest political leader, and the question is, what impact has he created in the area since he got to the house of Assembly?

While he goes about too to hold meetings and give some people unnecessary hope, that the Federal House member Rt.Hon.Francis Charles Uduyok has also anointed him for a second term, what a confused human being.

A man that takes delight in deceiving the people, since early this year, that he started promising the people of his intention to host a constituency briefing, and even said that will happen before the end of the year, but till today, no word on that. He does not take people as anything, taking the people who voted for him for granted is in his blood and has become part of him.

Hon. Uduak Odudoh is a bad a example of a leader, and such a character can not represent the people again. How can a young man like him not have respect for elders?

The people till today are still shocked, that he broke down the door of the house of the paramount ruler of Ikot Abasi, and this was immediately the man entered the house,one wonders if he wanted to kill the man. Imagine doing that to an elderly man,without Conscience and he is still demanding respect from some people.

On one occasion when he went for a function at Ibekwe, his arrogant and insolent behavior was seen all over the place, as if he is the first State House member to represent the people, that elders can no longer get their due respect, imagine Uduak Odudoh ordering the President of Mboho Ndito Ikot Abasi, Hon Ufok Frank to get up and come to greet him, and he even asked if the man, who had longed played the politics of the area, from when he was a councilor did not see him, when he arrived. What an insult?

2019: Ikot Abasi/Eastern Obolo people cries out,  Hon. Uduak Odudoh cannot go for a second term

One thing Hon.Uduak Odudoh should know is that,” one person can not cook for an entire village, but the village can cook for somebody and he or she eat and get tired ( Owo kiet isiteme mkpo Ino idung yak edia,idung ese etem mkpo eno owo yak adia,aba dia ama aye akak).

The mandate of the Ikot Abasi/ Eastern Obolo state constituency is for all the people and not the interest of a selected few.

For equity ,justice and fair play ,the 2019 Ikot Abasi State constituency seat is going to Edem Aya clan, and no manipulation can thwart this arrangement, the people of Edem Aya are praying for an effective representation, because what Uduak Odudoh is doing in the State house is a waste of the peoples mandate that was forcefully taken and given to him.

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