Akpabio Udom Fued: Akpabio takes on his Chief Press Secretary over unapproved Media Statement

Akpabio Udom Fued: Akpabio takes on his Chief Press Secretary over unapproved Media Statement

In continuation of Gov. Udom Emmanuel’s strategic plan to dislodge Godswill Akpabio’s dominance over his government in view of the recent statement by the Senate Minority Leader wherein he gave condition for which himself and Annang nation will support Gov Udom’s second term ambition, Udom has begun what political pundits and observers say, “a spit on Akpabio” , by relieving key Akpabio men in his cabinet.

On Monday January 15th, 2018, Gov Udom Emmanuel has announced the sack of the Secretary to State Government (SSG), Mr Etekamba Umoren who is the biggest ranking government official after the Deputy Governor. Mr Umoren, an Annang man an Akpabio’s kinsman was nominated into Udom’s government as part of the bargain for installing Udom Emmanuel as governor in 2015, following a massively rigged and international election observer condemned poll.

Not just Umoren, Akpabio also nominated a handful of his kinsmen from Annang into Udom’s government in what was considered a game plan to hold Udom to hostage should he fails to keep his own part of the agreement.

The Akpabio Udom fued has been managed away from the public knowledge for some time now but for an open statement by Akpabio on the 31st December 2017 where Akpabio publicly queried why Udom has abandoned his signature projects (Four Hotel by Sheraton and Uyo/Ikot Ekpene Road) in Ikot Ekpene Senatorial District.

Following this threat by Akpabio, Udom responded to Akpabio through his Media Aide (Aniekeme Finbarr), listing the numerous projects his government has done in Ikot Ekpene senatorial district. This was immediately followed by a response by Akpabio’s Media Aide (Anietie Ekong) who cautioned Aniekeme Finbarr by extension Udom Emmanuel to give respect to the Senator Minority Leader.

After which Udom Emmanuel personally issued a warning to Akpabio and his gang against threatening the peace in the state. In the said warning, which have been published by major national dailies, Udom threatened to deal with anyone no matter how highly placed who feels he can disturb the peace currently enjoyed in the state. Pundit interpreted the highly placed individual to mean the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio.

Akpabio Udom Fued: Akpabio takes on his Chief Press Secretary over unapproved Media Statement

Following the announcement of the sack of the Mr Etekamba Umoren as SSG, with the appointment of Dr Emmanuel Ekuwem from Mbo LGA as his replacement, political observers say the appointment is very strategic and confirms Udom’s plan to terminate Akpabio’s influence his government. Some say Udom has finally spit on Akpabio for daring to threaten him. This action generated discussion within and outside the social media space in Akwa Ibom State.

Immediately after the sack of Mr Umoren, Mr Anietie Ekong, Akpabio’s Assistant on Media issued a statement which was circulated on social media platforms, in which he said the Senate Minority Leader has no issue with Gov Udom Emmanuel. This singular media statement got ex-gov Akpabio very infuriated, as he did not approve of such statement.

According to a source close to the Senate Minority Leader, Mr Akpabio is very angry that Anietie Ekong had to release such a statement without his approval and queried why he would be happy that Udom Emmanuel sacked his No 1 nominee in his cabinet.

“Why would I be happy that Udom Emmanuel values 80,000 votes from Oro than 500,000 votes from Annang?”, “Why would I be happy that Udom Emmanuel values 8,000 votes from Mbo LGA to 95,000 votes from Essien Udim LGA?”, Akpabio is quoted to have said.

Akpabio is said to have put a call to his kinsmen currently in Udom Emmanuel’s government to take a stand either to support Udom or follow him, as he has his plan B.

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