AKWA IBOM 2019 : ANIEKAN UKO CONSULTS OBONG T. O. AKPAN *My mission is not to disrupt zoning,but rather to add value to it

AKWA IBOM 2019 : ANIEKAN UKO CONSULTS OBONG T. O. AKPAN *My mission is not to disrupt zoning,but rather to add value to it

By Mbosowo Essien

The Iboroakam 2019 Campaign organization Committee penultimate Monday, took the campaign team to consult a two term member in the then Cross River State House of Assembly(CRSHA) ,Rt.Hon.(Obong) T. O. Akpan who applauded the effective representation of Elder Aniekan Uko with the view that his seeking a second term, is not a misplaced priority.

Presenting Aniekan Uko to the erstwhile lawmaker, the Director General of the Iboroakam 2019 Campaign Organization, Barr. MD Dan Gospel said they came to solicit his support for continuity so that more dividends of democracy can be assured.

Speaking, the Ibesikpo Asutan representative said he is not seeking a return to the assembly seat due to creed and selfishness as claimed by some quarters, but rather his mission is to add value to the already existing zoning system.

“I came to give honour to whom honour is due.Sir your representation in the then CRSHA still speaks volume and makes you one of the then lawmakers to reckon with.

Sir, you were able to be a voice in your era because you had a second shot which gave you experience to stand tall.

For the past three months my resident and phone has been inundated with pressure from my people to recontest.Having shied away for a long time, I am persuaded to give in due to pressure, thereby subjecting my self to the desire and yawnings of my people.

My MP, contrary to some postulation in some quarters, I came to add value to zoning and never to disrupt it. I have said in several fora that my ambition is not to divide or instigate rancour and acrimony in Ibesikpo Asutan ,but I am coming to break the jinx of one term for good.

It is time we begin to raise the likes of Obong T. O. Akpan,your very self in Ibesikpo Asutan and this can only be made possible by tenure elongation which is what chieffly informs my aspiration.

Responding, Obong T. O. Alpha thanked Elder Aniekan Uko for his insight and reasoning for seeking a second term, maintaining that the vision was in tandem with his wish for the constituency.

Personally, my member I want to tell you that we are on the same page in this idea of tenure elongation.

I was able to be the shining star during my time in the then CRSHA because when I went back for a second term, I was more relevant and popular than my first term and it was of advantage because I had my ways in nearly every of what I wanted for my people.

So your seeking a second shot at the Assembly seat is quite timely and apt, therefore it’s time for us to sit as brothers with the major players of the two clans(Asutan and Ibesikpo) and affirm this lofty dream that will give us qualitative placement in the nascent legislature”he advised .

While commending the member for his superlative performance in the legislature and his spread of empowerment to the people, he charged him to use the second term arrangement to herald unity in the Constituency.

“You have been a wonderboy in the 6th Assembly to the amazement of all, and I must say am proud of you and wish you more exploit in your second coming”.

As usual party supporters who throng the resident of the astute politician in Nung Ette Ibesikpo on sighting the entourage, were on ground to chant “Iboroakam Continue”.

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