Akwa Ibom LG Poll: Frank Archibong; the right man for Eket Local Government Area

Elections be it at any level, have always been war by other means, and the expectations is that there is a time for and a time for armistice; that after all, elections were meant for man and not man for election.

The wards constitute the smallest political units and comprise groups of villages which have entered into accord, in some areas written, in some a gentleman’s agreement that each components village big or small in the ward will be given a sense of belonging in the political unit.

This accord, written or unwritten, has promoted amity, peaceful coexistence and equity among components villages of the wards and they have so far kept it to the letter.

The performance of local council depend largely on the calibre of the councilors and their council heads.

In Eket Local Government Area, the people are rooting for the election of Hon Frank Archibong, the immediate past Transition Committee Chairman of the Council.

Frank Archibong who is the PDP standard bearer in the forthcoming Local Government Elections has been described as the man who is vested with the capacity to lead the council as elected Chairman since he had proven his leadership ability during his time as the Transition Committee Chairman.

Pastor Frank as he is fondly called by his supporters and followers, had during his inauguration as the Transition Committee Chairman, promise to tackle some of challenges facing his people.

Today, he has been vindicated as his achievements are there to speak for him. Women and youths were trained in various skills and starter packs given to them to start their own businesses. Financial assistance were given to students and elders taken care of.

He was able, in partnership with the security agencies to tackle the security challenges which has help in boosting the economy and made the area safe for investors.

Currently, he is touring villages in the area, to solicit for support and votes and to also hear from them their individual challenges which he has promised to tackle when he assume office as the chairman.

Speaking in Nditia, one of the villages he visited, Mr Archibong promised to use his personal funds to reactivate the faulty mini-water scheme in the community before the election (as we speak the water is working). He also pledged his readiness to connect the community with the Agricultural development programmes of Governor Udom Emmanuel, adding that the era where Nditia was neglected by successive governments is over.

In his words, “to show you that Nditia is very dear to our hearts, we had to resist the storm and other obstacles to arrive here as our first port of call to flag off our local government village to village campaign tour. I have taken delivery of your requests, be assured that I will not fail you.”

While addressing the crowd in Ikot Abasi, he assures them that he will table their problems before the Governor, but will try and do the ones he could and ask them to hold him responsible if their request are not met.

His simplicity has endeared him to his people, which is why those who contested the PDP primaries with him and lost are now canvassing for votes for him.

In Afaha Atai, the story was different as Mr. Samuel Udobong, a founding member of the APC in the state, stormed into the village hall to announce his sudden defection from APC to PDP to the pleasant surprise of the Chairmanship candidate and his running mate.

The APC stalwart who had never been a member of PDP since inception, said he was tired of the impunity and deceit that has rocked the APC in recent times, adding that he was impressed with Governor Udom Emmanuel’s leadership qualities in the state.

“With people like Frank Archibong and Governor Udom Emmanuel, PDP will continue to succeed in Akwa Ibom and I cannot help but join the team,” the APC spokesman said while shredding his APC membership card, his APC t-shirt, and other APC materials in his possession, to the admiration, applause and cheers of the PDP family.

Royal fathers in Eket so far visited have spoken in strong support of Mr Archibong’s candidacy, urging him to work closely with the Governor to attract more developments to the area.

They stressed that Frank Archibong had never been found wanting in previous assignments, offering their blessings to the chairmanship candidate and all his team members.

The Divine Madate team has so far visited 52 villages out of 75 villages in Eket Local Government Area.


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