Akwa Ibom: LGSC Staff Attack Attah, Says Chairman too insensitive and greedy

Akwa Ibom: LGSC Staff Attack Attah, Says Chairman too insensitive and greedy

Despite the state Government efforts towards ensuring that civil servants and  pensioners are  paid promptly in the state,  some staff and newly retired  staff of Akwa Ibom State Local Government service commission (LGSC) has lamented over none payment of outstanding debt since November 2017 till date.

They have however pointed accusing fingers at the Chairman of the commission Sir. Val Attah saying his insensitivity and greed has landed them in the ugly situation.

THE INK gathered that more than 200 (two hundred) staff and newly retired staff of the commission were omitted and ignored from the payroll since November 2017.

Our source who is a  staff in the commission disclosed to our reporter  last week that they had channeled the issue to the appropriate authorities and that the authorities responded by issuing them forms captioned “ERROR IN RETIREMENT “ and they all filled  same and returned to them.

“ All the concerned authorities such as; head of service of the affected staff, banks and payroll officers had endorsed the forms. But up til date the payroll officer said that the chairman of the commission , Dr. Val Attah is still studying the forms “ Our source said.


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In another development , another source in the  commission hinted our team that the civil service rules has been abandoned in terms of promotion by Sir Val. Attah. Sources complained that the LGSC Chairman is too proud, cocky and insensitive to their plight. Added that they are doing promotion in line with what he described as “FAVOURITISM AND GODFATHERISM”.  ” I’m always flabbergasted when I see a Junior staff heading his Senior colleague just because he has connection with the chairman of the commission or has top politicians “ . He said.

Different sources in the commission also disclosed to our reporter that arrangements has been concluded to drag the commission to industrial court to pray for their due  promotion and their salary if urgent action is not taken by the concerned authority.

Sir Val Attah would not comment on the issue of favouritism when contacted by our news crew.


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