Akwa Ibom: NPC Commissioner plans to reduce the population of Ibibio, Annang

Akwa Ibom: NPC Commissioner plans to reduce the population of Ibibio, Annang

A Commissioner in the National Population Commission (NPC), Engr. Benedict Ukpong has allegedlly said that when he is done with his tenure in the NPC, the numerical strength of Ibibio and Annang will be drastically reduced in Akwa Ibom State.

Engr. Ukpong who was a running mate in the 2015 governorship race to UOU reportedly stated this in a meeting he had with his allies in Oro recently.

A source who pleaded anonymity told our reporter that Engr. Ukpong, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who hails from Oro is apparently obsessed with the possibility of the emergence of a governor of Oro extraction in the state in no distant time.

The source added that his move is apparently geared towards making Oro nation the largest political entity in the political landscape of the state as a way of bringing it at par with Ibibio and Annang people for not allowing Oro nation to produce a governor since the creation of the state in 1987.

Our source who is a close political ally of Engr. Ukpong, noted that the NPC boss wants to use his office to whittle down the strength or overthrow Ibibio and Annang nations which are the largest and second largest ethnic groups in the state respectively.

He was quoted by our source to have said that by the time he is done as a Commissioner in the NPC, Ibibio and Annang would have been completely reduced in their numbers thereby making Oro Nation the largest political entity in the state.

Our source also quoted him as saying that “since the creation of the state, Oro Nation has not been given the opportunity to produce a governor in the state.”

According to him, this has not gone down well with Engr. Ukpong and has formed the basis for his alleged determination to reduce the population of Ibibio and Annang while increasing that of Oro to enable the latter take a firm position in the politics of the state.

Our source disclosed that when this plot was hatched within the political class of Oro nation, it created a confusion in the area. According to him, Engr Ukpong was cautioned not to run on what they considered ‘a political fast lane of division’.

He was reportedly reminded of the need for the state to be allowed to continue to rest on the tripod of Ibibio, Annang and Oro with Ibibio occupying the position of the largest tribe, followed by Annang and Oro in that order.

Our source continued that the stakeholders reminded him that the state has experienced considerable peace since the return of democracy hence the need to allow the culture to continue.

They recalled that Obong Victor Attah who was the governor of the state from 1999 to 2007 laid a foundation of Infrastructural development across all nooks and crannies of the state.

This, according to them, was followed by the administration of Chief Goodswill Akpabio who consolidated on the gains of that foundation and now Governor Udom Emmanuel, a son of Eket Senatorial District, is on the saddle trying his best to uphold the unity of the state.

It was learnt that Engr. Ukpong was cautioned and advised to desist from altering the existing peace and unity among the three ethnic blocs in the state.

When contacted, The NPC boss said he would not comment on the matter as he was in a meeting at press time.


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