Torobong Ekpo

These days, pundits would easily observe some diminishing ambitions among aspirants vying for various political offices especially within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) across the state.

In Uyo Federal Constituency for instance, a former Senate aspirant under the platform of PDP (a native of one of the LGAs in the Federal Constituency) is today seeking House of Assembly seat, While a former House of Representative aspirant in Ikono Local Government Area is struggling to emerge as House of Assembly candidate.

An oil magnet in Nsit Atai LGA who initially wanted to have a feel of the Red Chamber is gradually indicating intention to struggle with Baba Ntan and other aspirants seeking the seat of Uyo Federal Constituency.

In a bid to outsmart other aspirants, these inconsistent political office SEEKERS have adopted techniques in order to be the envy-of-all, overnight.

You would be baffled to see how one of them who have earned millions of naira in the oil sector in addition to fuel supplies in Government House recently have the gut to enlist innocent electorates whom he gave some recharge card money, under the SUBHEAD of LIST OF HIS EMPOWERMENT FOR 2017.

That was the height of insult Akwa Ibomites have ever received in recent times coming from oil and gas worker.

Akwa Ibom State is blessed with timbers and callibers in the oil industry. The silence achievers such as Akanimoh Udofia, Chief Ide Owodiong Idemiko, Obong Emmanuel Ukpong-udo to mention only three have sponsored so many health programmes, scholarships, doled out cars, among other things to their communities, yet never ridicule the beneficiaries by posting names of beneficiaries online.


Early this year, I gate-crashed into free eye clinic programme sponsored by Obong Ide Owodiong (an Uyo Senatorial District aspirant in 2019) in his village, yet it didn’t make news nor paste names of beneficiaries online.

Please whoever advised DG Eminence Oil to post online the list of beneficiaries for his “empowerment” owe Akwa Ibom people an apology. That kind of orthodox politics has been overtaken by event.

The act of vying for higher political office (aiming high) and later opting for smaller office (aiming low) is more or less what right thinking fellows termed ETOK SYNDROME aka DIMINISHING AMBITION.

It could be found both in elective and appointed offices.

Unfortunately, cases of diminishing ambitions in the state are mostly found within the ambit of Peoples Democratic Party.

Aside from the above mentioned elective cases, during Godswill Obot Akpabio led administration in this state, we had appointed cases where Chief Senas Ukpanah (a former minister of FRN) later served as board chairman, While Hon. Eno Akpan (A former House of Representative member) became commissioner in a Grade 2 ministry.

Atuekong Idongesit Nkanga, from a former Military Governor to Director General Campaign Organization of two civilian governors…a situation where a military BOSS, later succumb and served BLOODY CIVILIANS. This is happening decades after Late Akpan ISEMIN had tried to end ETOK SYNDROME in our dear state.

Therefore, I wasn’t surprised when Mrs. Akon Eyakenyi became a mere board chairman ( of a Grade 4 board) after serving as Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I commend former Executive CHAIRMEN of Local Government Areas and former LAWMAKERS who toed the part of promoters of diminishing ambitions by today serving as Board members in various boards and commissions and in most cases accepted to be under board CHAIRMEN whose pedigree and CVs are lesser than theirs.

These cases are everywhere. Instead of aiming higher like Late Abraham Lincoln, politicians are craving for survival.

AS the STATE GOVERNMENT is building the worship centre, Christian community should earnestly pray for the eradication of Etok syndrome aka DIMINISHING AMBITION in the DNA of our politicians.

If we could dismiss Etok syndrome in the calibre of houses we live in, then we should aim big as per political offices.

Before 2015 election, it was rumoured that Godswill Akpabio gave Barr Ekpenyong Ntekim an open cheque for him to be a SENATOR representing Eket Senatorial District, but he insisted on becoming governor…a situation he aligned with other members of DEFUNCT G22 and fought Udom’s ASPIRATION.

Ekpenyong was to become a SENATOR so as to ensure that there was equity in the sharing of House of Representative and senatorial district seats in the Area, but he was adamant insisting on governorship…an unaccomplished dream!

Inline with the abolition of Etok syndrome within our polity, it wasn’t a bad idea that Ekpenyong Ntekim sought for governorship seat. At least he was duly qualified going by his pedigree and CV.

Unfortunately, his political ambition crashed (As Udom Emmanuel won election)and in no distance time G22 (A body of then governorship seekers) emerged, Ntekim joined the league and protested against Udom Emmanuel.

I could recall the statement he made against Udom when the group returned home from 40days joyney in Abuja. He took Udom Emmanuel to the cleaners and pledged never to see him as his governor…well, like the SEA, that one is history.

As at then, I saw him as a man of his words, until he had breakfast meeting with the governor, mingled with some faithful of PDP, today he has swallowed the vomit he vomited on Udom Emmanuel shortly after he returned from 40days Journeys.

That same discarded PDP is today the chief Corner Stone, that is why one needs to count his or her word during anger.

That same discarded PDP is the platform Ekpenyong Ntekim wants to use and aspire for Senate come 2019 as seen on campaign fliers on social media.

The PDP that was known as PEOPLE DECEIVE PEOPLE is today seen as PEOPLE’s DEMOCRATIC PARTY…reason why one should count his words while with people.

Absolutely, nothing’s wrong with aspiring to become a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, but why 2019 when there was a free ticket and flag in 2015? Anyway, Ntekim may have his reasons.

I just think electorates within the senatorial district should ask Ekpenyong Ntekim this salient question before deliberating on his aspiration.

In 2015 he aspired to the Executive Arm of GOVERNMENT, why sudden change to legislative arm (Senate)?

Though, this is also a kind of diminishing ambition which our clerics must vehemently pray against, I think Ekpenyong should also educate the public why his supporters during the governorship are kicking against his senate ambition, claiming that he didn’t settle them in 2015.

I understand that he has few online supporters, but a check reveals that many politicians in Oro nation are not comfortable with Ntekim’s ambition.

They feel that if he could allegedly walk away from an opposition party in the state (after standing with the legal department of the party during 2015 governorship tribunal and court cases), he could likely defect after having a feel of the Red Chamber ticket and flag.

Those who claim to know him very well maintained that he cannot be satisfied with only a single term noting that he will recontest. That, as a matter of fact doesn’t concern me.

But does he even have the clout to win candidates of other political parties if he emerges as the PDP FLAG BEARER in the forthcoming senatorial election? Anyway, it’s left for electorates in Eket Senatorial District to decide.

Just that Udom Emmanuel appears to be playing Whot on the mindsets of politicians and faithful of his led political party as I don’t see any need he insisted that ZONING will be observed to the latter knowing fully well that Godswill Akpabio is embarking on a second term against the zoning arrangement as it relates to Abak five.


This may have been the reason OBA is insisting on second term against the ZONING arrangement as preached by Mr. Uwem Ita Etuk and other political heavyweight within Uyo federal Constituency.

Truth is, if ZONING doesn’t favour OBA, common sense shows that it doesn’t also favour Akpabio…so how will Udom Emmanuel deal with this matter of public importance? Coz you can’t rob Peter and pay Paul.

AS a keen observer of OBA’s political School of Thought, I will advise Udom Emmanuel to be very careful with OBA’s ambition because if he had aspired for GOVERNORSHIP in 2015 and ended up becoming senator.

Who knows? A reverse may occur this time. In essence, In 2018 he may aspire for Senate ticket and ended up emerging as PDP GOVERNORSHIP flag bearer if care is not well taken.

What if OBA would be the instrument used for Udom to pay the price of those Uyo Senatorial District alleged sponsored insult on Great Teacher?

Or do you see Akpabio as Jesus who forgives and forget easily? Did he forgive Obong Attah In spite of the fact that he brought him to political limelight by appointing him a commissioner?

Truth be told, politically this year is pregnant. Some political permutations will baffle politicians and electorates.

Today, some PDP faithfuls are accusing defectors claiming that they serve as spies in their camp, While defectors are accusing the party of marginalization insisting that non of them are members of front line political groups of Udom’s re-election such as Ibom Patriot. Me, I don’t know why such issue should be made public.

Whether there are 3031 spies as alledged, spread across all the Local Government Area in the state, that appears to be the least of my worries, mine is that, there should be modalities put in place with a view of making sure that our politicians and aspirants aim higher.

Our Christian community should earnestly pray for the eradication of diminishing ambitions in our dear state.

It’s sad to see a former Senate aspirant struggling House of Assembly ticket, not to talk of other inconsistent ambitions.

Enough of Etok Syndrome!

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