Akwa Ibom Politics: How Uyo politics may crumble Governor Udom’s second term

How Uyo politics may crumble Governor Udom’s second term

It is no more news that Governor Udom Emmanuel’s second term ambition has received wider acceptability and support across the three senatorial districts of the state. The pivot of the wider acceptability and support is the earlier declaration of the Governor as the consensus candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party.

In fact, from all indications, if election was to be won by the level of endorsement and support, then there wouldn’t have been any need wasting time and money to conduct 2019 Governorship election in Akwa Ibom State.

But while the Governor is enjoying unflinching support and endorsement from the generality of the people of the state including those in the opposition parties, what appeared to be or will be a torn in the flesh for the Governor’s second term bid is likely to be the 2019 Uyo State Constituency politicking.

Governor Udom Emmanuel can never talk of or dream of winning 2019 election without relying on the voting strength of Uyo Local Government which Unargaubly is the highest of all the 31 Local Government Areas. Therefore, working to earn the support of the people of Uyo for his re-election is not only necessary, but a short cut to Hilton mansion. Little wonder why the political structure in Uyo should logically be set and control by a sitting Governor whose expectations include a re-election.

Former Governor Akpabio in 2011 rode on the Uyo political structure (courtesy of Prince Enobong Uwah) to Hiltop mansion despite a spoonful of votes that was ditched to Senator Udoedehe of ACN. Thanks to Enobong Uwah, the emerging Champion of Uyo politics.

A popular ibibio song says, “Ubok odo ake anamde me ikpo mkpo ke esset, ubok odo onyung adakada,, ndi nam ke eyio mi ooooooooooo (That hand that did mighty things in the past has again risen to repeat same this time). That same Uyo political structure that gave former Governor Akpabio a second term, that same Uyo political structure is still intact and even more stronger than it was. That same political structure has again risen to work for 2019 election. But the question is who will this political structure work for in the 2019 election?

Until recently when non indigines of Uyo Local Government working as political aides, media aides, drivers, gatekeepers, cleaners and cooks for Hon. Monday Eyo started mentioning a ‘second term’ for their employer who is currently the incumbent member for Uyo State constiency in the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, it was obvious that the generality of the people of Uyo local government had already endorsed Governor Udom’s second term ambition with an unflinching support and even started mobilizing support for the Governor.

There was no doubt that Enobong Uwah will in 2019 single handedly delivered 100% vote to Udom Emmanuel as he did in 2011 and 2015. Of course that was the support base that gave PDP a landslide victory in the just concluded LG election.

But suffice it to say that the Uyo political structure has already losen it’s grip for Governor Udom by a mere mentioning of the words SECOND TERM FOR MONDAY EYO. This is because the Monday Eyo’s second term plans projected by his employers comes with rumours that he (Monday Eyo) is telling them that Governor Udom Emmanuel is the one asking him to re-contest with a promise that he will give him the ticket.

No son or daughter of Uyo can take such rumour lightly because they all understand how strong a Governor’s influence can be especially when it has to do with sharing of political office.

Logically, two things are involved. It is either Monday Eyo is deceiving his aides or he scammed the Governor. If he is deceiving his employers then there is no problem because such lies will neither alter the zoning policy in Uyo nor translate to vote. But if he scammed the Governor to get the Governor’s nod on his re-election, then the Governor may have to chose between his second term and Uyo State Constituency seat.

The choice will be on grounds that should Governor Udom waste PDP ticket on Monday Eyo, then any thing that has resemblance of human being in Etoi clan that will stand the election will smile home with 100% vote across party lines.

It is possible that Monday Eyo might have scammed the Governor using whatever means. It is possible that the Governor might not have been aware that there is a zoning policy in Uyo Local Government Area regarding State Constituency seat and Local Government Chairmanship seat. The two positions usually rotate around the four clans in Uyo and each clans do take four years – one term turn.

Akwa Ibom Politics: How Uyo politics may crumble Governor Udom's second term

By zoning calculations, Monday Eyo from Oku clan took over from Offot Clan in 2015 and by 2019, Etoi clan is the next to produce the next House of Assembly Member. Therefore, nursing ambition for a second term and paying his aides to start spreading information that Governor Udom Emmanuel sent their boss (Monday Eyo) to disrupt the zoning policy in Uyo and re-contest is nothing but a torn in the Governor’s second term ambition. It will be the Governor’s easy way of losing the political structure in Uyo.

Prince Enobong Uwah’s political magic or Sir Val Attah led political stakholdes’ muscle will not in anyway cow the people of Uyo to chose war wrapped by Monday Eyo’s selfish ambition instead of peace wrapped by zoning of Uyo State constituency seat to Etoi clan.

However, in as much as I know that Monday Eyo will not even run for a second term, Governor Udom Emmanuel whom we all know can not and will never support Monday Eyo’s second term ambition that will not only bring about bloodshed, political killings and disunity in Uyo but will certainly crumble the Governor’s second term ambition.

Governor Udom Emmanuel stood against disrupting zoning policy across the 31 local government in the just concluded LG election. He can not therefore go against zoning in the 2019 general election. He was quoted as saying thus: “If zoning arrangement in your Local Government does not favour you, don’t even think of contesting election.” Having earlier said so, Governor Udom Emmanuel being a man of integrity cannot and will never speak from two sides of his mouth.

Whosoever will deceive the Governor to deny Etoi clan the chance of producing the next house member is not a true supporter of Udom Emmanuel because such political blunders is capable of crumbling the Governor’s re-election. Ikono clan where I come from cannot afford to wait for 16 years before producing a house member just because one young man wants to remain in the house of Assembly till thy kingdom come.

The peace and unity Uyo people are enjoying today is as a result of zoning and no body not even the stakeholders of Uyo will sacrifice our peace and unity in the alter of Monday Eyo’s second term bid.


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