In his avowed responsibility to consolidate on the mandate that was freely given to him by the generality of Akwa Ibom people in the highly competitive and controversial but triumphantly resolved 2015 gubernatorial election, Governor Udom Emmanuel has beyond words demonstrated that he did not just stumble into leadership, but he had been there although in the corporate world.

On that footing at the highest level where, among other topnotch offices on the echelon of the banking sector,he rose to the apex as Executive Director of Zenith Bank Plc, when leadership in the political arena beckoned on him he did not fail but used is as chrystallizer for endowed potentials for fatherland and humanity.

From the familiar terrain of corporate leadership to the murky waters of political calling, he was ready to bring to bear a redefinition as demonstrated by his courage to act on his ideas despite the possibility of pain, tears and failure.

Of course there are risks when one says yes to life and decides to reach for goals. The ability to face challenges squarely and offer workable solutions is the exclusive reserve of icons.

So Governor Udom Emmanuel came an all-embracing blueprint that was designed to be the compass and impetus to his government.

His Excellency’s 5- point agenda comprising job creation,poverty alleviation, wealth creation,economics and political inclusion and infrastructural consolidation and expansion have all been fillip and actuality as seen in the enormous achievements of this administration.
The dispassionate testonied that trail this are textbook proofs of the commitment of the Gov. Emmanuel at changing the course of history and further proving that he is a statesman and promise-keeper.

From day one when he was sworn -in as the fourth democratically elected Governor, known for his phenomenal result-oriented paradigm, set to work without wasting time or yielding to acerbic criticism and cynicism of fifth columnists and their commonplace mischief.

Consequently, in determining his stance for job creation, Governor Udom Emmanuel’s administration under the Akwa lbom Enterprise and Employment Scheme (AKEES) has transformed Akwa Ibom State in his three years of stay to a major tomato producing state.

With this in mind, it is hoped that in the nearest future, the state would have achieved over 20, 000 tones of tomato production thus generating about about 1600 job opportunities and also creating over 85 new businesses.

With this achievement, youths of Akwa Ibom State would have been taken off the speed through meaningful engagements and business skills.

It is on record that during the farm demonstration where 22 vegetables including tomatoes, water melon,cucumber,ginger, garlic, onions, pepper and strawberry were experimented, the overwhelming result provided gainful employment opportunities to Akwa Ibom people and if suited the Governor’s agenda on job creation in this regard.

On the area of infrastructural consolidation and expansion, government have recorded remarkable achievements in her industrialization effort within the limit of available resources.

These achievements include the construction and commissioning of syringe manufacturing factory, pencil and toothpick factory, metering solutions factory, resuscitation of peacock paint industry, 153+mW Ibom power plant and the commissioning of two sub stations.

In addition, the construction of flour Mill, the coconut refinery and the Ibom deep seaport are still being pursued.

Over 1,202km of roads and 19 bridges here have constructed, commissioned while others are at various stages of completion .

In uyo metropolis alone, 50 internal roads are being constructed covering shelter Afrique, Asongama and Ewet Housing Estate.

Other areas of infrastructural rennaisance including Eket,Oron, Ibesikpo, Onna, Ibeno/Esiteket and Nsit Ubium where several kilometers of internal roads have been commissioned and some are ongoing.

Eket-ibeno road which was impassable despite being the main thoroughfare to oil production facilities has been completed and commissioned by the state Gov. Udom Emmanuel led administration.

The drainage nightmare in some key areas of Uyo metropolis including Nsikak Eduok and the tropicana areas of Udo udoma Avenue including others have been demystified, constructed and commissioned.

Also worthy of mention include the long neglected information drive, the 2nd Runway at Ibom international airport. Just a fortnight ago, foundation laying ceremony for an international worship centre was undertaken for and it is expected to be the first of its kind upon completion as well as a 21 storey modern edifice situated at where the old Uyo market used to be.

The office complex which is undertaken by Julius Berger is to accommodate multinationals and international oil companies operating in the state.


Still under infrastructural consolidation and expansion, his administration has also renovated and commissioned the state Secretariat Annex, Akwa prime Hatchery with a capacity to deliver 540,000 day old chick per month had been constructed and over 400 inter-ministerial intervention projects covering classrooms blocks in primary and secondary schools and SUBEB’s intervention in classroom blocks in conjunction with the Federal Government , improvement in electricity and the provision of transformers in the 31 Local Government Areas among several others achievements in this sector.

Under wealth creation, diversification of the state economy from oil to non- oil sectors became imperative and the administration launched an aggressive agricultural development policy giving opportunity for more youths in the state to be trained and empowered to embrace large scale farming.

Commercial crops such as cocoa, oil Palm and coconut have have been planted across the state with huge government support.

This is being done to reposition the economy of the state not to only drive the industrialization process but to boost the revenue potentials of the state in the face of dwindling oil revenue.

The technical committee on agriculture and food sufficiency inaugurated by the administration established, 22 hectares of improved cocoa plantation in some local government areas and 35 hectares of improved oil palm in 15 Local government areas including: Ikono, ITU,Ibiono Ibom, Okobo, Ini, Abak , Ikot Ekpene, UYO,Obot Akara, Essien Udim, Eket,Ibesikpo Asutan and Uruan.

Besides, ,450 youths have been trained on cocoa maintenance and pruning and distribution of 2,000,00 (two million) coconut seedlings at Ikot Abasi, Mkpat Enin, Eastern Obolo axis. It is only shocking that politics have blinded so many that they have refused to see and gratefully acknowledge these great feats a time the whole country is in financial straits.

Good enough even President has been inspired by Gov.Udom’s leadership acumen and forthrightness that the Federal government cannot take any critical socio-economic decision without consultation with the guru himself. Nor would the President embarg on any foreign trip without the reliable company of Gov. Emmanuel. That is simply to admit that excellence and trust can break any barrier of politics for those who value merit

In fact the administration since assumption of office has been hard working,focused, determined and transparent. The utilization of the state resources to achieve optimum result has become a reference point to other governors and analysts.

Governor Udom Emmanuel has demonstrated rare capacity to deliver; he has made use of his immense international connections to translate his blue print.

He has worked hard to utilize the little monies available to impact on the lives of the people as he promised during his campaign in 201. He has also created enduring infrastructural amenities as encapsulated in the five point agenda,an impression that Akwa Ibom people were not wrong in their choice of him as their governor. The general consensus today is that they would do everything within their powers and the ballot box to ensuring that he returns to the hilltop mansion in 2019

This is necessary because one good turn deserves another. It would therefore be wrong for critics to connive with bad press and undermine the self-evident record of His Excellency.

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