Akwa Ibom Village Head steals government transformer

Akwa Ibom Village Head steals government transformer

More revelations and facts have emerged in the feud between the Village Head of Ibiakpan Akanawan in Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area, Chief Eshiet Sunday Ifot and the people of his community over the diversion of the transformer donated by the state government to the community.

It could be recalled that Chief Eshiet Sunday Ifot has hugged the news headlines lately, all for the wrong reason, as he was accused by his community for electricity transformer theft, attempt to sell the community land without the consent of the owners of the said land, high handedness and several other wrong doings.

The electricity transformer theft case took an interesting dimension on Friday, 9th March, 2018 at the Village Council Square when a Police officer from the State Police Headquarters, Ikot Akpan Abia came with the original papers to verify and authenticate claims made by the people of Ibiakpan Akanawan against the Village Head, Chief Eshiet Sunday Ifot.

Chief Ifot who was on hand to receive the police officer at the Village Council Square, had presented an already used transformer to confuse the police officer and his people who gathered at the Village Council Square, as a desperate attempt to cover his track that all the allegations against him were maliciously and mischievously fabricated by his detractors (as he stated in his rejoinder which was published recently in one of the state based newspapers).

However, Chief Eshiet Sunday Ifot’s smart ideas were brought to a naught when the police officer who investigated the case tendered valid documents to counter what the Village Head may have haboured under his sleeves.

Earlier on, Chief Ifut had denied being given any paper concerning the said transformer when he was interrogated by the Police officer, he however gave number of the transformer he presented as ELEKS 30 NF 250 1720, 2009 DT 31; but this number did not correspond with that contained in the paper brought by the Police officer, which was the original transformer donated to Ibiakpan Akanawan community by the Akwa Ibom State Government. The number of the original transformer is (IL TR 0013803) 33/0415KVA.

In reaction to all these saga and melodrama staged by Chief Eshiet Sunday Ifot, some members of the Ibiakpan Akanawan community who spoke with our correspondence said: “the transformer presented by Chief Ifot still has cement on the body, which means that transformer may have been stolen somewhere”.

The people further added: “the government should carry out a thorough investigation to ascertain where Chief Ifot got the transformer from, as he is prone to stealing transformer.”

When this reporter contacted Chief Ifot to get his own version of the story concerning the alleged sales of the community transformer that was in his possession, he threatened to attack the reporter.

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