Buhari Has Waltzed From Crisis to Crisis Instead of Glory to Glory – Dele Momodu

Buhari Has Waltzed From Crisis to Crisis Instead of Glory to Glory – Dele Momodu

As the almost three years old President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration continues to nosedive into unpopularity, the Publisher of TheBoss Newspapers, Chief Dele Momodu, has declared that the hallmark of the administration has remained deeper crisis as against greater glory, which many had initially anticipated.

Momodu made this remark in his weekly Pendulum, titled Mr. President, Man Shall Not Live By Power Alone, published in TheBoss, while advising the President on the need to relinquish power come 2019.

Momodu noted with disdain that every step the administration had taken, and was still taking, smack of ridiculousness, hopelessless and unseriousness,saying that those who campaigned and voted him in 2015 are now disappointed, having discovered that he does not possess the proverbial magic wand.

“The more your administration unravels, the more ridiculously hopeless it seems. You have waltzed from crisis to crisis instead of from glory to glory, as most of us expected. We thought you truly possessed the magic wand and talismanic effect to make all our problems evaporate and vamoose in a jiffy. We did not expect to be regularly mesmerised by impotent excuses galore,” Momodu said.

The veteran journalist went ahead to appreciate the President’s wife, who according to him, ‘is the only insider who has been trying to say it as it is’ while taking to the cleaners the President’s praise singers who had feeding him with lies and unmerited adoration.

He said: “Without mincing words, what Madam Aisha Buhari has been trying to tell you in clear terms is that this government is swimming in a big foul mess and that you should not be carried away by the fake adulation and false adoration you see all around you.”

Momodu advised Buhari to toe the line of dignity like South Africa’s Nelson Mandela instead of the shame of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, and leave power in 2019. he reminded the President that those asking him to perpetuate himself in power are actually doing so for their own selfish interest, and will abandon him when the time comes.


“For most of those asking you to continue, by fire and by force, it is always about their personal agenda and survival. They know their political careers would come to a shuddering halt and abrupt standstill should you fail in your bid to come back,” he noted.

He further warned that whatever the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) did in 2015 to return Jonathan to power will be a child’s play compare to what Buhari’s acolytes will do in terms looting and mismanagement of fund should he decide to re-contest.

“In their desperation to come back at all costs, they are going to do exactly what PDP did, or even much worse. What moral authority would you then have to justify the continued detention and harassment of some of the PDP operatives accused of wasting government resources on Jonathan’s truncated re-election bid. Who amongst us can in good conscience say in the market place that you won the last election on pure merit and that no substantial government funding went into your campaigns?”

Buhari Has Waltzed From Crisis to Crisis Instead of Glory to Glory – Dele Momodu
Buhari Has Waltzed From Crisis to Crisis Instead of Glory to Glory – Dele Momodu

Momodu concluded the fine epistle by advising the President to out of neccesity begin to groom a suitable successor, who must be a young seasoned technocrat.

“If I were in your shoes, I would consider that it is not too late to groom and propel some of the best brains in APC or even those living beyond the shores of Nigeria to succeed me,” the Publisher said.


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