FG Food Programme: Eket Vendors disagree on terms and conditions

FG Food Programme: Eket Vendors disagree on terms and conditions

Women Vendors on the Federal government feeding programme from Eket local government area in Akwa Ibom State has disagreed with the terms and conditions of the programme, expressing displeasure on the treatment meted to them by the Suppliers as not in accordance with the earlier agreed terms.

The women made this position today at the Council premises when they were informed by the Suppliers to gather to received food items meant for them. The women said that they suspected a foul play as money sent to their account could not be withdrawn while they keep on supplying food to the different schools earmarked for the programme.

The women numbering over 40 said that they have been shortchanged as what they got as interest does not commensurate with the amount of money they have used to cook for the pupils. Speaking on behalf of the Vendors, the Council Secretary, Pastor Aniedi Usoro said, “every genuine businessman go into business to make profit,” expressing displeasure why the women of Eket should be given unfair treatment against what was agreed earlier.

She urged the Coordinator to ensure that proper thing is done “as people should not be more concern about where the vendors buy their food from but should focus more on if the food has been given to the children on not, which should be the responsibility of the Head Teacher and others in the school system.


She said that proper thing should be done as the culture of asking women to come and waste time on a Sunday morning when they suppose to be in church is not ideal and should be corrected.

FG Food Programme: Eket Vendors disagree on terms and conditions
FG Food Programme: Eket Vendors disagree on terms and conditions

Speaking earlier, the Coordinator of Eket Central of the Programme, Mrs. Grace said that the women have not lost any interest in their dealings as a withdrawal cheque has been issued for those who do not have any issue with their BVN. She stated that of the 125 Vendors from Eket, 85 have been cleared and will be paid while the remaining will have their BVN cleared with the bank before payment could be effected.

Some of the women said they do not agree with the system where poor quality food stuffs are being sent to them including yam, garri, bean, rice, etc pleading that they should be allowed to buy their food and served the children as was agreed as anything on the contrary, they will bow out of the programme which doesn’t yield the expected results.

They also listed non inclusion of firewood, pepper, and other additional cost incured by them in the process of providing their services, calling for a reversal or they will stage a protest to aired their grievances.

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