Fresh War in Federal Polytechnic Ukana As Rector Plot Tenure Elongation, Governing Council, ors knock

Fresh War in Federal Polytechnic Ukana As Rector Plot Tenure Elongation, Governing Council, ors knock

The embattled Rector of Federal Polytechnic Ukana, Prof. Balama Obomanu and Rector, Mr. Sunday Okpo have concluded plans to elongate their tenures in the institution.

This paper reliably gathered that they have allegedly bribed some members of the Governing Council of the Polytechnic with money and other juicy promises.

The Governing Council Chairman, Prof Ike Udabah was said to have compromised the Governing Council when he struck a deal with the Rector to give him a second term if his son is employed by the Polytechnic.

The rector is said to have immediately offered the chairman’s son appointment without any advertisement or interview in flagrant abuse of Civil Service rules and due process.

This action of the rector and chairman is said to have angered some members of the Governing Council who said such had never been mentioned in any of her meetings.

The staff of the institution through the Academic Staff of Polytechnics ( ASUP) who had petitioned the Rector and Bursar for financial impropriety have condemned the development.

A source at the Works Department was last week boasting to his colleagues that the Rector had settled the Council to ensure a smooth ride to a second term.

According to him, the plan is for the Chairman of the Governing Council to travel out of the country in the guise of going for medical treatment without returning until the expiration of the tenure of the present management which is supposed to end by July this year.

In the absence of the Governing Council Chairman, the Council cannot meet to advertise for the position of Rector which is due to elapse in the next two months.

Fresh War in Federal Polytechnic Ukana As Rector Plot Tenure Elongation, Governing Council, ors knock
Fresh War in Federal Polytechnic Ukana As Rector Plot Tenure Elongation, Governing Council, ors knock

Meanwhile, prominent members of the host community want the current management led by Professor Obomanu to go for what they call large scale fraud, lack of accreditation of even one program in the last four years.

They complained of how the Rector brought an amateur and incompetent hand from his state and foisted on the Polytechnic as Director of Works and Physical Planning without formal appointment or advertisement.

The Director of Works is said to have helped allocate contracts in the institution to cronies of the Rector who are said to be executing sub standard jobs in the school.

At the permanent site of the institution, it was gathered that 12mm rod are used for the construction of storey buildings, some of the building which are not yet completed are already cracking from the decking level.

Some staff members of the institution who spoke with THE INK noted that there is need for Nigeria Society of Engineers and other regulatory bodies to visit the site to forestall another Reigners Church mishap.

The Bursar, said to be a nominee of Barr. Ekpenyong Ntekim is working hard to get the ears of Ntekim for support. Sources say Okpo with all the money he was making from the school never bothered to appreciate his benefactor.

He is allegedly begging some leaders of Oro extraction to impress on Ntekim for his second term, it was learnt.

It was learnt that Crises may soon erupt in the institution any day the Governing Council meets to extend the tenure of the embattled officers.

A source in the institution told our reporter that Engr. Vincent Chukwuma, an impostor parading himself as Director Of Works in the school had never been employed at any time by the Polytechnic, he has drawn salaries from the school for close to 4 years.

According to the source who pleaded for anonymity, Engr. Chukwuma had his first degree in 2001, Masters in 2012 and had never worked in the public service before. “His questionable and controversial first appointment was in 2014 with the Polytechnic barely two years after his Post Graduate Studies.

A staff who spoke on grounds of anonymity wants him to refund all the money he took illegally from the school or face the law.

She pointed out that the ICPC had earlier in 2017 wrote to the Rector alleging that there were some ghost workers in the institution with Engr. Vincent Chukwuma topping the list.

“The Bursar, on the directive of the Rector, allegedly forged some documents and presented such to ICPC in Abuja and came back to celebrate that they have conquered the ICPC.”

The source noted further that he (Chukwuma) is a creation of the Rector to defraud the Polytechnic through contract award to cronies. “He is a ghost worker, not employed by the school, but drawing salaries from the school, enjoying official cars from the school.

He claims to have been employed by the Federal Ministry of Education.

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He comes to school only when there is contract to be awarded, or there is money to be retired from the school.

He bandies a letter of recommendation from Abuja as his appointment letter, none from the poly, on salary as a ghost worker.

This is the story of how Obomanu created a ghost worker for 4 years,” she alleged.

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