Revd. Richard Peters

Less than three years into his administration, Gov. Udom Emmanuel has proven beyond doubt that he was really prepared to transform Akwa Ibom state into the state of our dream. What has really left me dumbfounded is his giant strides in almost every sector of the economy and the presence of his administration’s developmental touch in every Local Government Area of the state.

Recently, I embarked on a survey of Gov. Udom Emmanuel’s achievements since assumption of office, and come to the conclusion that he deserves another chance to do more. Our amiable governor is one who doesn’t joke with his promises. I have followed him keenly and discovered that he doesn’t say what he would not do, and doesn’t do what he hasn’t said he would do. This virtue has singlehandedly projected him as a man of integrity.

Lack of integrity remains the bane of leadership in Nigeria. Nigeria is blessed with so many leaders who lack integrity. A greater percentage of those in positions of authority are those who often fail to do what they say. Only a handful of them stand by their confessions, and governor Udom Emmanuel is one of the few.

On Assumption of office in 2015, Gov. Emmanuel vowed to turn Akwa Ibom state into an industrial hub, and has lived up to that expectation. Even when the nation is bleeding severely as a result of economic downturn that hit the nation, Akwa Ibom state is run as if it is operating from another planet, with no trace of the pangs of the economic crisis.

This indeed is the manifestation of the biblical injunction that When men shall say there is a casting down, we in Zion shall say there is a lifting. Even the blind have seen that Akwa Ibom state under the able leadership of Gov. Emmanuel is progressively breaking political barriers and industrial limits.

Another “magic” performed by the present administration that has shocked those within and outside the state is the timely payment of workers’ salaries in the state. Other states are battling with payment of salaries of workers, and have totally ignored any other developmental plans as they are complaining of paucity of funds. In the case of last month, workers in the state were paid even before the arrival of Federal Allocation. This is beyond magic. It is what you get when capable hands are at the helm of affairs.

In less than three years, almost every local government area has had their share of Gov. Emmanuel’s developmental touch, particularly in road construction. Local government areas that had never witnessed any state projects, are heaving a sigh of relieve as Udom in penetrating all nooks and crannies of the state.

His aggressive developmental approach is yielding positively. Every community in the state is seemingly busy with one project or the other.

Akwa Ibom: From smart city to smart-state (ICT)

This is a perfect definition of passion in leadership. The passion and zeal he has for the transformation of the state has failed to let him rest. That is why he is up and doing to ensure that at the expiration of his tenure as the state chief executive in 2023, Akwa Ibom state will become the center of attraction and a reference point, not only for Nigerians, but Africa as a whole.

I therefore enjoin all and sundry to support the Gov. Udom Emmanuel administration to continue in the transformation engagement particularly in the area of establishment of industries, for massive job and wealth creation.

Gov. Emmanuel has brought to bear his wealth of experiences in the management of resources of the state. That is why with or without money, he is busy developing the state. He hardly complains of lack of money to run the state, because he is prudent in circulating money. We wouldn’t ask for more. He has done more than enough, to the amazement of those who never believed in his leadership ability.

One good term deserves another. Let all hands be on deck as we support the development and transformation of Akwa Ibom state, through the magic leadership fingers of Gov. Udom Emmanuel.

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