Inibehe Effiong: Pastor Enoch Adeboye is not God.

Inibehe Effiong: Pastor Enoch Adeboye is not God.

If you want to incur the maximum wrath of a typical Nigerian, speak against his General Overseer or Daddy GO (spiritual leader) or his political leader.

The way these religious leaders are venerated gives the impression that God has Nigerian pastors as deputies, who can command the day to turn to night.

Some people are incandescent with rage over my response to Pastor Adeboye’s scandalous involvement in the foundation stone laying ceremony of the so-called international worship centre initiated by governor Udom Emmanuel.

The Chairman of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Committee on Information, Mr. Ime Okon, stated that the project will cost N10 billion.

Some commentators felt that I should have insulated Daddy Adeboye from my “furious commentary”. I couldn’t have excused the role of the head of the Redeemed Christian Church. He is part of the shenanigans.

Those who are conversant with Akwa Ibom know that Adeboye is a regular guest of governor Udom Emmanuel. It is deceitful for some people to pretend that Adeboye’s ill-motivated action was isolated. We need to know the interest of Adeboye in Akwa Ibom State?

Adeboye cannot be going about giving false legitimacy to the brazen criminality and atrocious actions and policies of the Akwa Ibom State Governor and expect some of us to salute him simply because he is venerated by his members and followers. It cannot work that way.

The prophets of old, the Biblical prophets who served the living God, were never accustomed to wining and dining with political leaders, especially corrupt and bad leaders. On the contrary, they were known for speaking truth to power and delivering blistering messages to the Kings and the people to repent of their evil ways.

Prophets Nehemiah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel were not friends of Kings. These were men that God used to deliver strong messages to corrupt leaderships.

Remember Prophet Nathan who stopped King David from building a Temple and rejected his bribes? God is not mocked. The God who called Prophet Nathan is still God and Has not changed.

Today, corrupt politicians depend largely on our Daddy GOs to validate their imbecilic, despotic and corrupt actions. Let Pastor Adeboye stay away from the government of Akwa Ibom State. As long as he continues to dance with people like Udom Emmanuel, some of us will continue to take him to the cleaners.

Adeboye is not God, at least not my God. Those invoking curses over my viral article should know that I am not perturbed in any way. Only God Almighty can determine my life on this earth. Jesus Christ was repeatedly challenged in the Temple and He never invoked death on His critics.

Inibehe Effiong: Pastor Enoch Adeboye is not God.

Stop telling me about the “touch not my prophet” scripture. You cannot appropriate the scripture selfishly the way you like.

Let Adeboye demonstrate to some of us with his actions that he is the Lord’s anointed and the Lord’s prophet by emulating the prophets of old.

As a citizen of Nigeria, I will continue to express myself on issues that affects me no matter whose ox is gored. We will never be intimidated.

The revolution will continue.

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