Kinsmen to Akwa Ibom PDP Pub Sec: Shut up! Houseboys Don’t Talk when real men are talking

Kinsmen to Akwa Ibom PDP Pub Sec: Shut up! Houseboys Don’t Talk when real men are talking


Motto: Fairness for Progress

Address: Oko Ita, Ibiono Ibom LGA

Press release 22nd February, 2018


Being Our Words of Advice/Warning to You, Comrade Iniobong Ememobong Essien, State Publicity Secretary, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Akwa Ibom State, Over Your Persistent Insult On Your Elderly Kinsman, Prince Effiong Etok Ph.D, State Secretary, All Progressives Congress (APC), Akwa Ibom State.

Note: “Those whose palm-kernels were cracked for them by a benevolent spirit should not forget to be humble”-Chinua Achebe.

It is a common knowledge that the most important duty of houseboys irrespective of their age is to run errands for their masters which are mostly domestic than public. He (houseboy) lives on the patronage of others thereby lacks independent-mindedness and loses the privilege of proper home-bringing.

Houseboys don’t talk because whatever they get in life is a benefit of patronage system and they are bound to return their loyalty to their patrons. A houseboy does not have the moral courage to disagree with those who feed him for fear of losing his daily bread because he lives on “unearned income”; hence, they are eternally bound to submit to men, for their hopes of next meal are tied to the aprons of their masters’ magnanimity.

A houseboy cannot talk logically when men are talking on issues hence he relies on sentiments rather than facts due to the dependent condition he has been subjected to over time. Yes, he shouldn’t talk, and it is instructive that he doesn’t, so as to avoid utterances that may facilitate the exposure of the history of his parent.

Houseboys cannot talk because they are fanatically driven as they can go extra miles to annex their names and even that of their children to their patrons with intents to gain favour and can even go further to mount and paste billboards and posters of their patrons around their residences as measures of their sycophantic and overzealous loyalty.

Above all, houseboys do not open their mouths uncontrollably wide to avoid spitting utterances that may demand the display of the knowledge of their family history, which they lack the privilege of knowing as a consequence of their perpetual ‘udung-owo’, especially where their parents were the product of similar system…

Now, Iniobong, we have watched with utter consternation your unguarded vituperations against your Elder Brother, Prince Effiong Etok Ph.D, who is old enough to be your father. It bleaks our respective imaginations that you have suddenly grown wings and tend to forget the fact that you are of the Ibibio stalk, whose young ones owe respect to their elderly ones, even though you might be conditionally forgiven for lagging in manners being the direct consequence of your non-enjoyment of proper upbringing.

We have studied your traits and have found same to be alien to attributes of true Ibiono Ibom sons and we are tempted to align with those who blame your father for not giving you proper upbringing. Are they right, who say your recalcitrance is an aftermath of bad influences you imbibed during your many years as a houseboy, jumping from one house to the other, which hallmarked your entire early life?

Granted! You did not have proper home-bringing because you were always subjected to one houseboy job or the other from your very tender age. So what about the usual lessons young children receive during Sunday school classes in churches which center on morals and courtesy? Did you also miss that even when your father is said to be a Pastor of a church? What a shame! Look at how you have displayed strange dance steps at the market square and as a result have attracted the attention of those your ‘father’ is indebted to.

Is insult on a respectable Ibiono Ibom son, Dr. Etok, who has labored hard to attain an enviable academic height- a Ph.D – as well as an unmatched political niche and has contributed immensely to community development, the only benefit we could have from you as an indigene of the community?

Kinsmen to Akwa Ibom PDP Pub Sec: Shut up! Houseboys Don’t Talk when real men are talking

How could you also forget in a hurry the incident that nearly put you behind bars for life; but for the man you take delight in insulting, who rescued you? Iniobong, have you forgotten how…anyway, let’s keep that for another day? What has beclouded your supposed good sense of reasoning; is it your continuous occupation as a houseboy (till today) that negates your ability to display independent mindedness?

Now let’s go to the point. We have read in the media the letter dated 19th February, 2018, which you addressed to Mr. Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation in your capacity as the Akwa Ibom State Publicity Secretary of the PDP. That letter was supposed to be a response to an earlier letter dated February 16, 2018, which was written by the APC in the state and signed by Dr. Effiong Etok in his capacity as State Secretary of the party. A careful study of that letter shows that the party never made mention of your name (probably because of your insignificance), rather the APC expatiated on the issue of an award on the Governor by the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, again, not your person.

But because of busy body, you jumped in even when you are not the spokesman of the governor. We have digested your letter and seen your innuendoes and sarcasms. Is it because you share the same ancestral village with Dr. Etok that has caused you to forget that it will take you many years, if not eternity, to build his kind of political reputation? Why are you always the first to run to the media to attack your once benefactor? Or, do you think we have all forgotten?

On December 2, 2017, during the Local government election, you granted a live interview on the Planet Fm Radio in which you childishly lied that Dr. Effiong Etok had, in company of thugs, hijacked the electoral materials meant for the unit both of you share in Use Ndon. You failed to mention that the entire materials in the 17 units of your ward were carted away with the aid of your thugs and fake security men in official uniforms to your house.

This is the first time we have warned you and we may not warn you again. Desist forthwith from any further attack on our illustrious son. Be warned!


Akaninyene Ekanem

Uwem Umo

Udeme Uwa

Essien Joe

Aniebiet Brown

Asian Ebong

Etim Ettete

Ofonime Out

Bassey David

Godwin Akpan

Okokon David

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