Magic: The Gathering — Arena hasn’t attempted injecting tale into this virtual adaption of the sector’s greatest collectible card sport. However starting Might 23, it’s going to check out to inform the tale of giant moments in Magic historical past with Struggle of the Spark: Chronicles, a five-week match that dishes on lore, introduces a brand new sport mode that’s by no means been in professional paper Magic, and new beauty rewards.

Struggle of the Spark: Chronicles tells the tale of the Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas’ invasions of the airplane of Ravnica and quest to change into a god — and the resistance towards him. Hearthstone has had some good fortune with telling tales over the last 5 years, and that is helping it rule the roost in a virtual card sport marketplace that analysis company Newzoo estimates could be worth $2 billion by 2020. Magic: The Enviornment can be a important challenger to Hearthstone, and its common occasions (it does one thing particular each and every week, comparable to Hearthstone’s Tavern Brawls). However Hearthstone additionally provides single-player modes, just like the Dalaran Heist that launched today.

The primary Magic: The Enviornment match starts Thursday, Might 23, with “Ravnica at Struggle.” It’s a changed Momir match — you get a 96-card deck filled with lands, like in previous Momir occasions. And also you spend mana as much as what number of lands you need to get a random creature. However your deck can even have 36 planeswalkers — one for each and every within the Struggle of the Spark set. As you rack up wins, you’ll release the stained-glass card types for Struggle of the Spark planeswalkers. You’ll be able to purchase those as smartly.

Enviornment could also be introducing a brand new playstyle with some of the occasions: Counters. Now, Counters aren’t new to Magic, they usually do play a large position in Struggle of the Spark with the Amass (that both creates a 1/1 zombie military or provides a number of counters to it) or Proliferate (which provides a counter to the whole thing with one already, together with planeswalkers).

Right here’s a complete breakdown:

Week 1, Might 23-31: Ravnica at Struggle

Layout: Momir with 36 planeswalkers in a 96-card deck.

Week 2, Might 31-June 7: No Break out

Layout: Pauper (you’ll handiest construct decks with Not unusual rarity playing cards).

Week three, June 7-June 14: Typhoon the Fort

Layout: Singleton (you’ll handiest use one replica of a card to construct a deck, no longer the usual 4 that’s a part of Magic deckbuilding laws).

Week four, June 14-June 21: Start the Endgame

Layout: Counter (you get a logo that places an additional +1/+1 counter on anything else that has one already, an extra loyalty counter on a planeswalker, and Amass 1).

Week five, June 21-June 28: Gideon’s Sacrifice

Layout: Ravnica Block (you construct decks from the Guilds of Ravnica, Ravnica Allegiance, and Struggle of the Spark units).


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