Many feared dead in Calabar in renewed cult clash between Klans and Vikings.

Many feared dead in Calabar in renewed cult clash between Klans and Vikings.

When it seems as if things are beginning to return to normal in Calabar South Local Government Area of Cross River State, another devilish act has brewed up as the city is being painted red since Friday.

Several persons have been killed including a 200 Level student from the University of Calabar, UNICAL and a graduate of the Cross River University of Technology, CRUTECH in a renewed cult clash in Calabar.

Dead bodies are being sprayed on the streets with blood running like an ocean through the heart of Calabar, a place described as ‘Come And Live And Be At Rest’.

The cause of the rampage and the parties involved is yet to be known, but with the nature of killings, many are suspecting it’s a gang war.

“Calabar South, Calabar is our home. They can’t chase us away, for we have no other home than the one we’ve built”, residents cry out.

An anonymous who had a glimpse of what happened, wrote, “After the late night down pour of Saturday, 16/12/17, marked by thunder and lightning, I came out of my apartment and sat at the balcony to take some early morning breeze.

At about 7:00am I heard some explosions down the street and I thought it was some spoilt brat exploding fire works. However, my curiosity was aroused when the explosions sounded louder and more ferocious than the traditional fireworks.

“Ten minutes later, I stepped out to get some akara balls and I saw a crowd gathered some fifty yards down the street. When I got there I beheld a room with its door shattered with an axe, and on the bed laid a body with its face covered with a towel. He was obviously dead having been shot severally. I was told the young man was a second year student of the University.

Many feared dead in Calabar in renewed cult clash between Klans and Vikings.
One of the victims, a student of the Cross River University of Technology, only identified as Odikode

“The previous day, 14/12/17, I was driving home at about 2:00pm when I saw people running helter-skelter around Palm street. I wondered what the problem was but drove on.

“At Abasi Edem by Palm street laid a body freshly butchered. I heard he was gunned down and butchered with machetes. I was told he finished from CRUTECH and has four kids.

“We are the sons and daughter of Calabar South and nobody can drive us away”, he fumed.

Another, whose experience is yet to clear his eyes said, “He (the victim) walked me to the road and insisted that I board a taxi before he goes back after more than two hours with Obubra Students at the Christmas Village yesterday.

This morning, his call was the first call I received telling me he called to hear from me since he couldn’t call me last night. Two hours later, I was told he has been shot dead at Ekpo Abasi where he stays as a Student of CRUTECH.

“Odikode, I am yet to believe that I won’t be seeing your call on Monday to enable me give you my support ahead of your inauguration as President of Obubra Students, CRUTECH chapter coming up on Thursday. Until we meet again, Rest on my dear brother”, the anonymous said.

A Facebook user, name withheld by us posted “Armed robbers just shot a young man at Okoroagbo by Marian. His poor old mother fainted trying to save her son”

Below are some of the comment from her post.

Not Armed robbers buh cultist!!! God please take k and console his mother!!! Ndiongho ke sitibe ye Ndito Klans ye Ekpad na so den come my area, almost 30 of them to kill just one person.

Another Facebook user commented below.

Yes oooo Watt market…….. I ran like Mary Onyanle Olympic race wen I went 2nite to pick up some fruits in D market.

If there is any benefit in taking the life of a fellow man? Why not channel that energy into something that’ll profit everyone, like innovation.

Why cultism? These are the many questions a lot of people are asking.

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