OHHH GREAT:  Having s3x makes your period end quicker

Having s3x makes your period end quicker… but there’s just one catch.

Don’t be worried about messy or stained sheets – they can soak!

Studies have shown that getting down and dirty during your time of the month can help release cramps and give you a shorter period, but there’s more…

THE idea of period s3x fills many of us with dread – but docs suggest it can actually have benefits.

Gynaecologists at the University of Michigan claim a romp during your time of the month can make it SHORTER.

With every orgasm you have, your uterus contracts, and with every contraction the blood expels faster than it would on its own.

Dr Dee Fenner says: “Although no studies have been done on this, it’s likely that menstrual blood in the uterus is squeezed out during orgasm.”

So you’ll spend less time doubled over with cramps – perfect.

RSVP Live also highlight other benefits to getting down and dirty during your time of the month.

From cramps to the connection with your partner, here are their reasons for embracing period s3x.

It helps ease cramps

Nauseating cramps are the first thing to go after period s3x

Bad cramps? Try this – when you orgasm, your body releases oxytocin and dopamine along with various endorphins that can help you with any nauseating period pains.

The hormones released are actually a lot stronger than pain killers. Goodbye pharmacy – hello, orgasm.

There’s less need for lube

If you’re usually on the dry side, having s3x during your period will provide a welcome break from using lubrication. You produce enough natural lube during your period to make up for it.

You’ll have a better connection with your partner

S3x during your period can bring you and your partner closer together it’s claimed

Having s3x while on your period immediately brings you closer together. Having s3x during this ‘no-go’ time is a bold move – and one that can cement your bond.

From trying new positions, to experimenting with different moves – after period s3x , you’ll notice that you’re far more willing to engage in new things in the bedroom.

It forces you out of your comfort zone

It’s a fact: if you’re willing to give having s3x during your period a go, you’re far more likely to be adventurous at other times.

Many women have admitted that they were willing to try new positions after having period s3x for the first time.

Don’t be worried about messy or stained sheets – they can soak! The most important thing is you except and embrace each other, blood and all.


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