Oro Apex Youths Organization “Essu Nlap” Impeached President, Appoints Acting President

Oro Apex Youths Organization “Essu Nlap” Impeached President, Appoints Acting President

An apex youths organization in Oro, the Essu Nlap Oro has relieved its president, Ulap Joseph Okon from his position over the conducts seen to be violating the constitutional provision of the association and for his lacklustre attitude in running the affairs of the body in the last two years he held swear as the president of the organization.

The decision to impeach the organization’s president was part of the decision taken on Sunday during the 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the body, which is always held on every 24th day of December.

Moving a motion for the impeachment of the president, Ulap Bassey Isangedighi, the national director of media and publicity of the organization and seconded by seconded by Ulap Mfon Eyo, the chief protocol officer of the organization in Oron local government chapter, while all the national executive members also endorsed the impeachment, they explained that since the president has violated many section of the constitution, he is no more fit to hold the position.

The motion read in part, “Whereas the international president of Essu Nlap Oro, Ulap Joseph Okon has been found to have violated many provisions of the constitution of this great association as amended, besides, he has found wanting in his leadership, so after series of meetings and deliberations, the president is considered not fit to continue to preside as the international president of this organization and stands impeach.”

He added, “Based on the resolution of the national executive council of Essu Nlap Oro and in accordance with article 12, rule 6, sub section 2 of the constitution, the international president, Ulap Joseph Okon stands impeached and seizes to parades himself as the president of this organization, until the disciplinary committee send it their recommendation.”

Already, the Vice President 11, Ulap Ita Ikpe has been appointed as acting president for two weeks pending the recommendation of the disciplinary committee, when another president will be elected from Okobo local government to complete the tenure of the local government.

Shading more lights on the impeachment of the president, the national director of legal affairs, Barr Okon Edet Ewa said the impeachment process was in line with the constitutional procedures of the organization and is done with the due process of law.

Oro Apex Youths Organization “Essu Nlap” Impeached President, Appoints Acting President

When Members of Essu Nlap Oro, led by the International President Ulap Joseph Bassey Okon, Wednesday 2nd August 2017, visited Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel, at the Government House Uyo.

He said though the leadership of the organization have been cautioning the impeached president on several times, he has remained adamant in his attitude which has distort the growth of the organization.

The new acting president, Ulap Ita Ikpe promised to discharge his duties diligently during the two weeks he will lead the organization in a acting capacity, and solicited for the cooperation of all the members.

The annual general meeting was attended by the board of trustee chairman of the organization, Ulap Asukwo Eweme aka levile, chairman, elders forum, Ulap Okpoyo Etifit, chapter presidents of the organization in various branches and their excos as well as the members of the organization.

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