PDP blasts APC: You a tutorial in issuing public releases

PDP blasts APC: You a tutorial in issuing public releases

19thFebruary, 2018

Mr. Boss Mustapha

Secretary to the Government of the Federation

Three Arms Zone




An open letter on the above subject was written and addressed to you and same was published on page 34 of Nation newspaper of Monday, February 19, 2018, wherein a very poor and futile attempt was made by the author of the said letter to create disaffection between the Federal Government and the Akwa Ibom State Governor, His Excellency, Mr. Udom Emmanuel over the issue of the recognition rightly accorded him by a Federal institution and presented by you.

A careful read of the letter exposes the APC’s pain, worry and panic that the achievements of the Udom Emmanuel led administration have been seen, evaluated and applauded by credible national institutions, despite the sustained and systemic anti-government media campaign launched by them in the state. The author claims that the basis of giving the award to Governor Emmanuel on the basis of road construction ( which he either erroneously, ignorantly or mischievously referred to as road repairs) and payment of salaries was faulty and not strong enough to deserve your invitation to present the award. How could he have said that in a time like this when many state governments are hugely indebted to their staff and are struggling to reduce the number of months they owe? May be he would have wished that Akwa Ibom should have occupied a prominent position on such a list. Our state’s absence on that list is a source of anger to the opposition.

What he forgot to state as a part of his anger is the fact that the superior performance of the PDP-led administration in the state has become a great source of worry for his party, considering the forth coming elections.

They have been struggling unsuccessfully to discredit the administration’s efforts at developing the state, complementing their campaign of calumny with a boast that the federal government is unhappy with the Governor and therefore irrevocably committed to ‘capturing‘ the state during the forth coming general elections. It is with this background that a picture or news emanating from Abuja showing the Governor or his representative receiving an award from a highly placed official of the federal government(no less a person than the SGF)unsettles them greatly.

PDP blasts APC: You a tutorial in issuing public releases

May I reproduce verbatim his words in the said letter “We call on other federal officials and agencies to be more circumspect in dealing with the likes(sic) of Udom Emmanuel … especially if it seems capable of putting the APC federal government in bad light, or ADVANCING HIS CHANCES FOR RE-ELECTION AT OUR PARTY’S EXPENSE”(emphasis mine). Such fear is quite understood and can be accommodated within the realms of mediocrity and infantile opposition, such as practiced by the author and his cronies, but where critical thinking and patriotism is engaged, superior performance must be celebrated. The wordings of this letter fell short of warning you and demanding that you warn other Federal Government agencies to desist forthwith from recognizing and encouraging productive efforts at good governance, when the beneficiaries are of the Peoples Democratic Party, so that it does not affect the chances of the APC at the polls.

However sir, it may interest you to know that in Akwa Ibom state the Governor, like his predecessors have always had the next generation (not election)as their focus. That is why developments are evenly spread and qualitatively executed, our projects are designed and built to last for generations, not just for election show case.

The greater fear which the author should habour and seek to handle is the moral burden of deceiving the electorate that roads have not been constructed under the PDP led government in Akwa Ibom, when the roads leading to his residence(in Uyo) and ancestral home(in Use Ndon) were constructed by the State Government.

PDP blasts APC: You a tutorial in issuing public releases

He should be bothered by the increase in the number of hours that public power supply has become available to Uyo residents occasioned by the construction of sub stations and replacement of critical power infrastructure by the State Government. So much has happened under the Udom Emmanuel led administration in the state that will certainly boost his chances of re-election at the expense of the opposition. The best means to ascertain the veracity of our proclamation is to pay a visit to our state (which is within your jurisdiction).

In conclusion, what the author ought to have asked from you in his letter, would have been a clarification as to whether being an elected officer of his party at the state level, if he could still accept an appointment and function in the new capacity without resigning as a party officer. He could have further sought your help and assistance to open and run the state secretariat of his party, which has remained permanently locked. More importantly, he needs a tutorial in issuing public releases so as to use proper syntax to achieve the desired semantics. For example he wrote “The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr Udom Emmanuel was among a few other state chief executives so were a similar award that evening, and your goodself presented the plaque to him on behalf of the NTA”. Please we are at sea as to what sense the Ph.D holder was trying to make in that paragraph.

We therefore most sincerely urge you to discountenance that ill-conceived, ill-cobbled and ill-transmitted letter by Efiong Etok, Ph.D( the suffix may mean Pull Him Down) and to in the contrary commend the management and board of the NTA for such diligence and fair-mindedness in the selection of their award recipients. We pray that you further encourage other national institutions to continue in the exercise of their duties across the country in a patriotic and non-partisan manner.

We congratulate you on your appointment and pray that patriotism will continue to guard and guide all your actions.

Thank you.

Comrade Ini Ememobong

State Publicity Secretary

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