The Political Assassination Of Iso Akpafid

The Political Assassination Of Iso Akpafid

Now that we can now rest from the terror of Akaninyene Jumbo Ukoh aka iso akpafid let us take a little time to consider the terms of his exit without prejudice to the cause per se.

It is gathered that on the 15th of January 2018 security operatives armed with the secrets of how to kill the terrorist courtesy of a juju priest acclaimed to be iso akpafid’s native doctor surrounded Iso Akpafid’s hide out in a border village between Rivers and Abia states

His girl friend’s cot- where he’d barely taken his bath taking him by surprise and apprehended him despite his attempt to run.

Having apprehended him they stripped him nude, manhandled him in the name of interrogation but he refused to divulge information about his operation, organisation and most importantly sponsors.

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So the decided to execute him right there on the pretext that his sponsors whom they fear to be politicians would arrange for his release should he e taken into custody.

So they killed him and exposed his naked corpse for media frenzy. And we the gullible and scared masses threw a “victory over terrorism party” and praised the security agencies.

But nobody has bothered to asked what powers the security agencies have to summarily execute an unarmed arrested terrorist in their custody.

Nobody seem to question the logic in killing a man because he refused to mention names of his sponsors and cohorts instead of taking him into custody for further interrogation and investigations.

Nobody seem to care how they suddenly got wind of his hideout and lest I forget the said juju priest who divulged his death secret was also killed by the security agencies without trial and we’re not asking why.

The only time a security agent can kill a suspect by the criminal code is when the fellow being a suspect for capital offense attempts to elude in which case the entry points of the shot suffices as prove.

I know some of us will say I’m talking usual lawyerly jargon but away from the legal perspective I think we should all be bothered about this extra judicial killing of Iso Akpafid as a political assassination to protect certain elements responsible in the first place for the Iso Akpafid terror.

The Political Assassination Of Iso Akpafid

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These are the real murderers, marauders and terrorists. As far as they are concerned there shall always be an Iso Akpafid to do their biddings. As long as there is a puppeteer with strings there will always be puppets to string.

Hence, I propose an inquisition into the seeming assassination of an alleged terrorist called Iso Akpafid by security operatives.

By Okpo Ewa Esq.

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