By Saviour Inyang

Rt. Hon. Aniekan Uko has provided an effective representation to his people, the good people of Ibesikpo Asutan local government area, that even the blind, deaf, dumb can feel the impact of his representation.

This is one man that since he came into politics, from when he was a councilor representing his ward, gave politics a new face and name, by his way of carrying the people along in decision making.

“IBOROAKAM” as he is fondly called was unanimously supported, voted into the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly in 2015, to represent Ibesikpo Asutan State Constituency and the mandate given to him has been justify, because he has been a unifying force, a bridge builder, and an effective representative of the people.

The duties of a State Lawmaker is to sponsor motions, bills, co-sponsor bills, carry out oversight functions,brief his or her constituency on projects so far carried on, initiate constituency projects, talk to the people and get feedback, and daily report progress by way of his interactions with the people. These and many more are what Rt. Hon. Aniekan Uko has been able to do.

What an ordinary man or woman in a local community wants, is not too much politics, but good representation, when that is done, the people are happy, and things will naturally take shape, and the voice of the people becomes the voice of God, in this case IBESIKPO ASUTAN people are well represented.

Looking at the tenure of Rt. Hon. Aniekan Uko, successes has so far been recorded in Ibesikpo Asutan local government area, that is because he is a man of the people, he listens to his people, take their advices, and carry out projects that will positively impact on the lives of the people. Without gainsaying, with his representation so far, his one good turn deserves another.

In the past few days now, the people of Ibesikpo Asutan are coming out in groups to reaffirm their support to him, and endorsing him for a second term. This to me is so because they believe in good governance, quality representation of an individual, than party or even the position that a political party may hold sway. The stewardship of Aniekan Uko is recommendable, even to people who are not from Ibesikpo Asutan, because he is role model, worthy of emulation.

Because of his concern for his people to justify the mandate the people gave to him, he decided to return the vote of the people by briefing his constituents three times in three years now.
During his constituency briefing, Rt. Hon. Aniekan Uko gave out eight Toyota corolla saloon cars, two SUV Lexus 330 jeeps,1 LE Toyota Camry and 20 brand new motorcycles.

Other items were, hairdryers, generators and hair dressing kits to start hair dressing business, that were used to empower 10 women across the ten wards. In his belief in self reliance among the people, he embarked on opening of 10 fashion houses with complete seeing facilities for the women.


On his love for Education and the future of the younger generation, Rt. Hon.Aniekan Uko has provided scholarship to many students in Ibesikpo Asutan, this cut across all the wards of the local. Aside his scholarship scheme, he is trained so many people in different skills acquisition, and pay for their training.

The physically challenge people in his local government have also benefited from his representation, because he has from time to time go around to meet them, presents life enhancement gifts, provided wheelchairs and help make life easier for them. That is why its not a surprise that the people are glamouring for him to return to the House of Assembly in 2019, and in full support.

Electricity is very vital in developmental progress, and very essentially in local communities, that is why he took upon himself to provide electricity to five communities of Ibesikpo Asutan, by providing five electricity transformers, to Mbikpong Ikot Edim, Ikot Obio Offong, Afaha Ikot Obio Nkan and Owut Uta Ibesikpo.

For the first time in the history of representation, that the people of Ibesikpo Asutan have felt that they have a representative at the State House of Assembly, not just that type of representative that is only visible on newspapers, radio or TV stations, but the one that is visible on ground for people to see and have access to. Aniekan Uko is a man of his word, that has his own mind, who is always on the side of the people for the sake of posterity.

His love for education did not stop at his scholarship scheme and payment of schools for the people of his constituency, but expanded further to his building and renovation of schools to make learning interesting. He built a primary school at Akpa Utong, Renovated a four room primary school block at Mbierebe Obio Ibesikpo and others, just to accommodate both the younger people who desires for knowledge and educational attainments.

His representation is one that the people are satisfied with even when his first tenure has not been completed.


Show me a man diligent in his work and committed to the people even beyond his constituency then I will show you Rt. Hon. Aniekan Uko.

His projects also includes his vision to make Ibesikpo Asutan a satellite town, which he has succeeded in doing, by building an Ultra- modern City Centre at Mbikpong Ikot Edim, Ultra- modern health care centre at Nung Udoe Ibesikpo, provided portable water project ( solar) at Ndikpo Atang and many more.

To this end, I want to ask PDP, the platform which he stood for election and won overwhelmingly and the people of Ibesikpo Asutan, “KEED ANEM NTOM IBA?

Aniekan Uko is Ata “IBOROAKAM” Ibesikpo Asutan…..the People Chorus.

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