…as Onofiok Luke Joins Road Safety


The Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly Barrister Onofiok Luke has warned social media users against leaking locations of officers of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) on social media.

Luke gave the warning, Wednesday in Uyo, shortly after being decorated with a Honorary Special Marshal by the commission during its 2017 Special Marshal Sectoral Workshop.

Receiving and appreciating the investiture, Barrister Luke revealed that there are times he felt like performing his civic responsibility of controlling traffic and maintaining sanity in gridlock areas such as Four Lanes in Uyo but to avoid it being seen as a political stunt he avoids doing it but with the honour given to him by the FRSC, he will gladly do it not minding what people will say as because what matters is the purpose in his heart which is to save lives and prevent accidents too.

“With this honour, I think I can come down now and control traffic without caring what they say because I am performing my civic responsibility which includes saving lives and creating orderliness” he added.

Barrister Luke also reiterated that he is committed to effective representation adding that there are good politicians out there who still think good about the people they represent and also envisage a better society governed by law and order with the interest of the people greater than their personal interest.

The Speaker further commended the FRSC for inducting him into what he called a special group which consisted of his teachers in his secondary school days who are men of proven integrity which gladdens him.

He also pleaded to be carried along in the activities of the special Marshal and suggested that an interactive social media group be created that he won’t mind taking time out to be with them when needed.

On the issue of traffic defaulters, Barrister Luke warned those who use the social media to disclose the location of FRSC men for people to avoid them to desist from such act stating that a new Sheriff is in town.

He also thanked the Sector Commander for his contributions during the passage of the State Road Traffic Management Agency Bill which will soon be signed by the Governor and once again reiterated that the honour given to him comes with great responsibility.


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