I wish i was a party man,because my love for the current Administration of Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel is too deep and obvious.

Sometimes I tried not to talk about politics and government or anything that has to do with party politics in Akwa Ibom State or even in Nigeria as a whole, but I still find myself doing it, that to some extent maybe caused by the lies and propaganda I hear on the radio, read on the Newspapers and social media about the administration of Deacon Udom Emmanuel, thereby misinforming the public.

I have been receiving series of calls and messages from people I know and those I don’t know,warning me to stay way from political discussion, because as a clergy am not suppose to be involved in politics. But according to Aristotle, we are all political animals, so take it or leave it. The modern day political activities and religion are like Siamese twins, very difficult to separate one from another.

How can anybody go on the radio or social media to say that Governor Udom is not working, when the activities and efforts the Udom administration is putting on various sectors of the State are self explanatory.

The last time i was in Uyo,i passed through two lanes by Oron road traffic light,and this was shortly after a very heavy rain,and there was no flood,this is an area that use to be very flooded, and yet nobody is seeing it.

I was very shocked the day I called a friend who is an Igbo man that I met sometime ago in Aba to confirm if there is any toothpick factory in Aba,because when you talk about manufacturing, the igbos are always there, but he said no. But God in his wisdom through Governor Udom Emmanuel has made Akwa Ibom to become a state of entrepreneurs, where things are being manufactured,i thank God we have such a factory in Akwa Ibom State.

It is not enough for people to go to radio stations, social media, other forum etc and start attacking the government, but to get involve, and help spread a proper information to the people,that could help people make use of the opportunity and avenues government is creating, than spread lies to cover the truth, and hid opportunity from people, because of politics.

I wish I could have the opportunity of going to the radio station to tell the people of Akwa Ibom State to hold unto the administration of Deacon Udom Emmanuel, that is why I come to social media,to talk to my fellow Akwa Ibomites, friends and community, that Udom means well for Akwa Ibom State, but needs our support,not unnecessary distraction.

Not too long ago,the Vice President of Nigeria Prof Osinbajo was in Akwa Ibom State to commission the Syringe and metering company at Onna, and this was in the news, the joy filled the air,the Vice President could not hide his joy when he saw such a wonderful concept by Governor Udom,that is why he was quoted to have said that Governor Udom is a clever Governor.

This statement of Governor Udom being clever came from the Vice President, by extension the President, so it is enough for any right thinking person to embrace and support.


The internal road network in Oron,the refurbished Etinan general hospital, Ikot Eyo road, beautification projects in Eket and other places, other road projects, social welfare schemes, poverty alleviation programs in Akwa Ibom State is worth making anybody to fall in love with this administration.

Or is it the peacock paint industry that was brought back to full operations?
How about the Feyrep the Initiative of Her Excellency Martha Udom Emmanuel?

Akwa Ibom people let’s us arise and support this administration, and give deaf ears to those who are only interested in causing problems in this state with their propaganda, because Akwa Ibom is moving forward, and Udom Emmanuel is working, and on this note I say that Udom is truly right for Akwa Ibom,and propagandist are wrong.

Rev’d Richard Peters writes in from Eket.

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