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The enjoyment of being attentive to the $130 Micca RB42 audio system – CNET


The Micca RB42 Reference audio system


Position the Micca RB42 Reference speaker within the arms of skilled audiophiles and they’re going to by no means wager its value. I did not come shut, however they are $130 a pair on Amazon, and the RB42 seems like a minimum of double that. Higher nonetheless, it sounds proper.

I could not recover from how a lot bass the RB42 makes from its steel-framed Four-inch paper cone woofer, which is paired with a nil.75-inch silk dome tweeter. Impedance is rated at Four to eight ohms. There are zero.75-inch-thick MDF panels on both sides of the cupboard; the RB42 actually does feel and look like a a lot more pricey design. The rounded cupboard, magnetically hooked up fabric grilles and durable speaker cable binding posts are a lower above what you get from maximum comparably priced designs. Did I point out how small it’s? The RB42 is a tiny critter, simply eight.7×4.9×7.nine inches small.


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Affordable audio system are getting actually excellent

Mandolinist Chris Thile and pianist Brad Mehdau’s eponymous album used to be lively. I feared the RB42s would possibly stifle dynamics, however the acoustic tune used to be set loose by means of those pint-size wonders. Thile’s vocal on I Quilt The Waterfront sounded remarkably practical, and the RB42s took me there.


The Micca RB42 Reference speaker rear panel


Arcade Hearth’s Reflektor album is aggressively shiny on a large number of audio system, however the RB42 made the sound combine palatable. Over and over the RB42’s low-end prowess defied expectancies of what is imaginable from this type of small and inexpensive speaker.

German prog rock pioneers Can lit up the RB42s; their Long term Days album’s heavy percussion and bass used to be complete, even if I pulled the audio system clear of the wall. Soundstage intensity used to be spectacular.

Feeling assured concerning the RB42’s functions, I pitted it in opposition to a far higher however more economical speaker, the Dayton B652 Air ($65 a couple). The RB42 publish a excellent battle, however the B652 Air used to be a far clearer-sounding speaker. Now not as wealthy because the RB42, however the B652 Air’s bass-midrange-treble stability used to be smoother.

I additionally when put next the RB42 with a suite of Pioneer SP-BS22-LR audio system ($96 a couple), that have been a longstanding Audiophiliac funds champ. The SP-BS22-LR’s sound stability used to be lighter, cooler and not more wealthy over all. There is a softness to the sound of the RB42 that some would possibly listen as a blurring of element when put next with the SP-BS22-LR or B652 Air audio system. Nonetheless, I cherished the best way the RB42 added frame to the sound of vocals. However the bigger SP-BS22-LR reproduced dynamics with higher have an effect on — the RB42 could not stay up.

With Holly Cole’s Temptation album, the SP-BS22-LR’s sound used to be very ahead and instant, whilst the RB42’s used to be softer and extra far away. Treble sparkle used to be missing, however the SP-BS22-LR used to be too shiny in this recording, whilst the RB42’s sweeter demeanor made it more straightforward to hear.

The Micca RB42 Reference is mighty spectacular, however the Dayton Audio B652 Air and Pioneer SP-BS22-LR audio system are more economical and clearer-sounding audio system. The RB42’s awesome construct high quality, richer sound stability and smaller length would possibly tilt the stability for some consumers.

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