The Untold story of Ukanafun dreaded terrorist, Iso Akpafid *Names of sponsors, politicians behind his activities

The Untold story of Ukanafun dreaded terrorist, Iso Akpafid
*Names of sponsors, politicians behind his activities
*The PDP-APC connection
*His last moment, what he told family members
*Two more militants killed in Etim Ekpo

By Gideon Ekere

It is no longer news that one of the dreaded terrorists, Akaninyene Monday Uko alias Iso Akpafid was last Monday apprehended and subsequently killed by security operatives in the state.

Before the termination of his life on January 15th 2018, Akaniyene Monday Uko alias Iso Akpafid who was the youth leader of Ikot Ibekwe Village in Ukanafun Local Government area had known that his end was in sight.

The series of event started last Friday when a man believed to be his medicine man and spiritual of faith from Ibianga village in Oruk Anam Local Government area, alongside other members of the gang were in the trap of security operatives.

Sources alleged that the shrine at Ibianga was scattered by the invading armed to the teeth security personnel, who had earlier ordered the medicine to neutralize the power of the kingpin prior to the demolition of the shrine.

Though the medicine man was said to have initially refused to neutralize the power of his client, Iso Akpafid, sources say that the medicine got his two knees fractured before beginning to neutralize the power of his client.

He was later arrested and taken into custody.

On Sunday 14th January, Iso Akpafid is said to have hosted his friends to sumptuous party in Eleme, Rivers State, where over hundred of his friends and colleagues drank and made merry to the fullest.

The party, our reporter reliably gathered lasted till early evening of that Sunday, January 14. Observers suspected that he might have been granted amnesty by the Akwa Ibom State Government, which gave rise to the organization of such a party.

The following day, which was on Monday, 15th January, he was said to have left Rivers State en-route Abia to Ukanafun and was reportedly caught and subsequently killed by men of the Second Brigade, near Abia palm in Abia state, where he was always using as his regular route between Rivers and Ukanafun. And the body was taken in a Hearse around the Headquarters of Ukanafun, Ikot Akpa Nkuk amidst jubilation by his former captives and other fear stricken people of the area.

ThePost learnt that before now, he was using the Maritime route, connecting Ubeti in Abia state, Etim Ekpo and the southern tip of Ukanafun for regular movement.

A family source who spoke with our reporter in confidence said that Iso Akpafid was born in the early 1970s.

He was dark complexioned and modest frame. He lost his father early in life and was brought up by the widow mother who also died recently. The mother before she died, our reporter gathered had pleaded with Iso Akpafid to desist from violent crime, and invest his life into meaningful things.

In the course of life, the mother before her death fell in love with Chief Udo Ikpe, the Village Head of Ikot Ibekwe, whom Iso Akpafid later sent parking from the same village because the said Village Head allegedly connived with Igbo criminals to vandalize the village transformer. As a child, Iso Akpafid was said to be truant and recalcitrant to morals. Instead of completing his primary education, he strayed to hunting games and embarking on menial jobs.

Iso Akpafid, who is said to be a former godson of the jailed former Vice Chairman of Ukanafun, Mr. Effiom Abai, who is currently serving jail term for the murder of the former Deputy Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Late Obong Okon Uwah. Sources say the jailed former vice chairman was instrumental to Iso Akpafid becoming Ward III vice chairman of the Peoples Democratic party, PDP – a position he resigned before he took to full scale violent crime.

This time, sources alleged that it was because of his membership in the Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Front, founded and funded by the Rivers State born Asari Dokubo. Iso Akpafid is said to have disagreed with Asari in many of his decisions and later moved to Tom Ateke’s camp and was trained as an impeccable max man.

His performance as a good gunman was said to have been commended by his master and colleague in the Islands cult group in Okrika. During his exploit in Okrika in Rivers State, he was said to have fallen in love with a Rivers woman who bore him two sons and two daughters. His Rivers born lover is said to have deserted him because he refused to repent from violent crime. He later married “a lady from Nkek” another community noted as nursery of violent crime in recent times.

His brother in-law named ‘Omega’ is said to have lost his life during a gun duel with the police last year. His four kids was said to have be taken care of in Okrika by the Nkek lady who is into business in Okrika, from where the late Kingpin was launching his relentless hostility in Ukanafun.

Iso Akpafid grew up in violent crimes and strength, such that his protection was solicited for by his village, Chief Udo Ikpe who made him the youth leader. ThePost learnt that it was not long that he clashed with the Village Head, who is said to have connived with suspected Igbo criminal to vandalize electricity installation provided by former Governor Godswill Akpabio in the village.

He fell out with Effiom Abai because the former Vice Chairman sided the village Head when the Village Head took Iso Akpafid to Zone 6 police headquarters in Calabar, because he allegedly disagreed with the Village Head, Chief Udo Ikpe over the alleged vandalism of the transformer.

The Village Head deserted the village and ruled from exile because of his misunderstanding with Iso Akpafid. It was learnt that some politicians started to hire his service as a thug.

In early January, 2017, more recruits were allegedly made to join his swelling Island cult gang, which later embarked on stupendous criminal exploits like murder, kidnap for ransom, threat to life letters, intimidation and rape.

Ukanafun is said to have become a den of desolation and valley of tears as hostilities are part of the peoples’ daily life.

Sources alleged that his criminal exploit became so rapid and horrendous that several killings in the area were linked to him and his partners in crime, even as other criminals were said to have used his name as guise to extort money from people.

Some, who were abducted weeks before last Monday when the dreaded criminal was reportedly killed have not returned. Following his being declared wanted, Iso Akpafid is said to have expressed fears for his dear life.

And was looking for contact to confess his iniquities and down weapons for amnesty. He is said to have been ever more restless with a security climate of uncertainty as he was being haunted by his wanted status.

On 1st and 2nd January, this year, Iso Akpafid is said to have empowered his people at the former APC’s chairmanship candidate, Udom Ebeto who is also his cousin and ally at Ikot Inyang Abia in Ukanafun, during which he donated huge sums, a cow, bags of rice, which the teaming admirers were said to have hailed him for his generosity.

Meanwhile, our reporter gathered from a reliable source who preferred anonymity that a certain politician, who is a former commissioner (name withheld) who hails from Ukanafun had hired Iso Akpafid to work for him as thug; a situation that made his arrest difficult.

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