Udom Emmanuel’s industrialization program is a joke – Udoh

Udom Emmanuel’s industrialization program is a joke – Udoh

There will be as many changes between 2016-2022 due to exponential growth in Technology as between 1900-2000 (3000% increase in Knowledge) ——–Peter Diamandis.

Quick Question; What do we have in Common with the following jobs listed below ?

1.Cloud Computing Engineer
2. 3D Printing Specialist
3. Digital Marketing Developer
4. Chief Listening Officer
5. SEO Specialist
6. UX Designer
7. Big Data Analyst
8. Extraction,Transaction and Load Developer (ETL)

The Answer ? None of these Jobs existed 5 years ago .
The speed of technology has made it such that jobs/technologies in specific fields are being created when a student is in the middle of his pre-graduate education and it renders the curriculum obsolete before the student graduates .

If we still reason that education is supposed to equip a student Globally for the job market, Education must then keep up with the dizzying pace of innovation in the society. So countries like India, a one-time impoverished country becomes the country with the population of the highest middle class in the world. They rushed and made sure that they embraced Technology in such a way that they became relevant globally.

So I watched thousands of Indians come from places in their country that is the equivalent of the deepest village in Ukanafun and can barely speak English but are making 6 figure salaries. They show me pictures of their villages with their loved ones sitting on top of a Vespa and living in houses that are not yet plastered but these guys are making dream money.
So at least a quarter of a million to half a million Indians are living here making money.

There is another huge number that do not want to come to the USA but are such experts in cutting edge technology, that American companies and others are forced to make branches and annexes in their country to harness the skill set and in real time have results submitted back to the USA with huge sums paid for services in the form of salaries etc.

So, what happened in our case?

Common sense would help us to infer that we are living in the information age. That our youth must be up to date with innovation, that is where the money is, instead of waiting for PDP and APC . In the same light, technology shelf life is now two years (the time it takes for you to have a new cellphone edition with new technology that affects all industries) and that’s the level to which we must update the educational curriculum of the tertiary institutions in Akwa Ibom State.

In this day and age, we are still giving people outdated degrees in Computer Science or Computer Engineering and the average interviewer nowadays will ask, “With an emphasis on what?” Computer Science with an emphasis on Cloud Computing? or Networking? or Cube Engineering or Health Bioinformatics? (The IT aspect of the Healthcare Industry). etc.

Currently nurses back home are still using paper and files for Medical records? In this day and age your time in the hospital is directly proportional to how fast your “paper” moves from the registration, to the doctor, to the pharmacy etc.
In this day and age, we are churning in large numbers of graduates that have a knowledge base that is so weak that they cannot compete on a global level . Meanwhile the Commissioner of Education is basking in the euphoria that he has access to resources that no other has for his personal use!

Currently we are still going through paper like in the 1900s and nothing has changed, and doctors are using drugs back home that are banned or have been reviewed and considered unfit for modern day practice. Assuming this is the case based on poor curriculum back home must Akwa Ibom State get it wrong also because the rest of the country is backward? Doctors are no more involved in research that updates healthcare and are rather basking in their titles and killing more people than healing them. Doctor Malpractice cases are common and normal.
The lack of innovation and updating can be traced to a weak curriculum in places of higher learning!

So the question would be what did Ex-Governor Victor Attah do about it? Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio? “Deacon” Udom Emmanuel? Surely Governor thinks about it!

Rather we have a Governor who thinks like a true despot. Your spending billions of Naira on religious hypocrisy does not mitigate the fact that you are responsible for the artificially imposed poverty on the people of Akwa Ibom State.

Opportunity and hope in the administration of Udom Emmanuel for the youth, translates as climbing the ladder, of the two political parties or becoming a PA or SA to the present administration’s cabinet.

I wrote a lot about what Udom Emmanuel would do in his administration and what he would do as far as bringing the people into his so called “Industrialization”. To the glory of God, time has vindicated me and proven me right.

Sycophants and tribal apologist in their stupor will scream on his behalf with the intrinsic knowledge that he is a true disappointment and arrogant misfit of a leader.

Back to the Commissioner of Education. I have been criticized for pointing out the issues without pointing out the solutions. So I have a suggestion for whoever he/she is and they do not need to take my word for it.

Nowadays in the USA and other parts of the world, where there is the true light of ingenuity, students do not stick alone to their courses. There are websites that the universities and schools of higher learning embrace to augment the students’ education. Majority of schools do partnerships with these websites. Top tier schools like Harvard mount free courses in their websites and other augmentation websites mount free or paid courses from Photography to Marketing Analytics and Automation to Database Engineering and every knowledge under the sun.

For example, in the URL address (https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/new-courses/#electrical-engineering-and-computer-science) this is the site where MIT has free courses open to anybody to take.

They are not yeye courses (Courses like “The Engineering, Economics and Regulation of the Electric Power sector” or Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization”) this is the new frontier (The spirit of Altruism) where the belief is that the sharing of knowledge may empower the next person that will move the society forward in a quantum leap. Even more when you consider that big tech companies are beginning to have 20% of their staff as people without a true college degree but rather as people who self-taught themselves some cutting edge technology!

So let’s say we have our youth augmenting the lapses in the educational system with free courses from MIT and Harvard (All the Ivy league universities are doing this now) and such sites like Udemy and Pluralsight, which the Akwa Ibom State government could have a partnership with: something could happen ! Yes there is a reason why the educational augmentation business is a 10 billion dollar a year business in the USA !

This is the secret of the Yoruba, they now took the brightest of their students who have this augmented education and formed incubators (The beginning of the equivalent of Silicon Valley). These brains became so good in the online IT scene that they got employment direct to such powerhouses like Google and Facebook and other tech giants.

Their brilliancy then came to the notice of such people like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and in curiosity he came to Lagos to see for himself the incubators and these places that are making software and tinkering with high tech! The CEO of Google also came to Lagos and it is fast becoming the seat of innovation for Nigeria. The youth in turn are keying into other things and other chances to excel.

It would be better that the youth of Akwa Ibom State could have some kind of state sponsored knowledge drive, instead of the youth thinking of either sleeping with the politicians as a female to survive, being an assassin for them as a man, thereby making joining the secret cults a task that must be done. Knowledge innovation and job opportunities instead of everybody trying to become a PA or SA to some vision deprived cabinet member or become an exceptional cut throat member of either political party!

All these suggestions is what is happening in other parts of the world. It is what transformed India into a power house.

Udom Emmanuel’s industrialization program is a joke and even the people back home know it .He is a Tribal antagonist, that lacks foresight and is seeped so much in Local politics, that he cannot discern what it would take to save the youths which is the greatest asset we could ever have in any society . He is thinking in terms of people all being impoverished and hovering around government house while he thumbs his nose at them .

Udom Emmanuel as he was touted to be some kind of high powered banker is a disgrace because i thought he would be the champion of a true private sector and a new business class that would run things in the society.
That’s what bankers think about!

Akwa Ibom State is a democratic society that is run like a little Russia; Government alone has the money and power and apparent “qualities” that deserve integrity and dignity. The people are only good to wear the wrapper material printed with the face of Udom Emmanuel and his wife and dance about like little clowns.
Lagos State, Ondo and so many states out there have made money flow to the point that the last thing you think about is Governor’s office and the politics around him. In Akwa Ibom State all we have is a government sector that wants to be relevant to the point of absurdity.

Every prophecy I have made has come to pass, how many people did the much-touted syringe factory employ? Even if we have a Seaport what is the transparent processes in place to allow the people have full participation in its existence?

Everything is hush hush so that Udom alone will have the maximum cash in, on its creation, while the “common man” stands on the wayside and watches as a spectator! For someone who lived in Lagos he lives much to be desired and i do not blame him because honestly, he has no respect for the people. That’s what happens when you install a stooge who did not have to canvass for any votes to be elected into office. A man who truly canvass for votes is humbled and it makes him accountable to the people.

Udom Emmanuel's industrialization program is a joke - Udoh

I quietly watch the discussions and statements of people in this forum and around and honestly Akwa Ibom State is finished. The reason why (the curse of the people) is that they think in terms of tribe. They have no other way of thinking. When you look at the major tribes(Yoruba,Hausa,Igbo) their greatness is in numbers and not a sadistic and near psychotic concentration on “Senatorial district”.

With this unfortunate situation a mediocre leader will be touted as being “amazing” and “dynamic” while the brunt of the despot’s bad decisions is reflected in the lives of the people.

For example, I do not think that Buhari is really crazy about “Senatorial District” for most of the Northerners he puts into positions of power.

I was not a great fan of Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio and people know that from my writings but honestly this guy makes the Ex-Governor look really good.

I do not care about Udom Emmanuel’s school of thought, you cannot have true progress in the midst of crushing poverty. Poverty enhances the cycle of corruption because so much time is lost and people have to steal and loot to catch up and this is being enhanced by Udom Emmanual .

I end this suggestion of a true Globally conscious educational drive for the youth by waiting for people to come into the forum to tell me the how fantastic the “Honorable” crappy cabinet is and his “Excellency” with life changing policy

List of Universities that updated their curriculum to the point that US Citizens are offered Financial assistance and Loan programs to attend schools there;

1. American University of Antigua —-Antigua (An island the size of Uyo)
2. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev ——Israel
3. Flinder’s University ———-Australia
4. Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine —-UK
5. Jagiellonian Medical University College ———Poland
6. American University of the Caribbeans ………..St Maarten (An Island smaller than Uyo )
7. Mcgill University ………………………Canada
8. Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara…….Mexico
9. University of Adelaide (The)…………….Australia
Just to mention a few!

The actual list is 150 schools and counting.
If you call the Commissioner of Education for an interview he has nothing to say about the educational sector than that they built new hostels somewhere and supplied chairs to schools and he flourishes the poor report with the statement “Udom is working “. Then he begins to tout the Syringe factory.

How about you pushing a drive to augment the educational standards at the state university levels such that we get recognition and that saves you the trouble of trying to steal so much money to send your kids to school overseas? Higher educational standards bring innovation and the money begins to flow.

I do not expect this to happen when you have an Analog Governor and cabinet supporting an Analog state Government in a digital age!

I rest my case

Clayton Udoh

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