Udom Fights Corruption, But Not Like President Buhari – Akwa Ibom Attorney-General

Uwemedimo Nwoko, Akwa Ibom State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, has explained that Governor Udom Emmanuel is fighting graft with different approach in the state. This may be in consideration of President Muhammadu Buhari’s style of fighting corruption. Differentiating anti-graft methodologies between Buhari-led federal government and the Emmanuel administration in Akwa Ibom State, Nwoko, told INDEPENDENT in Lagos, that the governor “is fighting corruption through preventive mechanism”. “Don’t forget that (Emmanuel) is a chartered accountant and auditor with a background of meritorious career in the private sector. His style of fighting corruption is not the type going on in Abuja – on the pages of newspaper and more about blackmailing.” Explaining further that the governor is “proactive” on checking corruption, he asserted that by virtue of his position as the Chief Law Officer of the state coupled with his being a member of the state’s executive council, he is privy of how the governor goes about scutinising proposals brought to his table for approval. Nwoko has been a thorn in the fresh of the Buhari administration, particularly on the government’s modus operandi in the war against corruption. Aside his public condemnation of the approach used by the federal government in handling cases of corruption, Nwoko has, on behalf of the Akwa Ibom State government, instituted legal action against the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, and other agencies of the federal government from probing previous administrations in the state. According to Nwoko, the action of the Akwa Ibom State government “is not against the fight against corruption or seeking in any way to slow it down, but basically to draw government’s attention to the fact that Nigeria is a federal system and the federal government’s right to swing its hands would end at where the state government’s right to defend its nose begins. “So we are not saying don’t fight corruption. In fact, we are all out to support the war against corruption. We are saying that corruption should be fought within the confines of the constitution.” Lauding Akwa Ibom State government as one of the bests in observance of the rule of law, Nwoko said: “The governor is a constitutionally-guided person and he fights corruption with the rule of law. “His human rights record is one of the best, not only in the country but in the world as he has never for one day been accused or his government accused of high handedness or disobedience to the rule of law or violation of fundamental human rights.” By Nsikak Ekanem

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