Video: Alexa Bliss cashes in Money in the Bank to defeat Nia Jax for RAW Women’s Championship

Video: Alexa Bliss cashes in Money in the Bank to defeat Nia Jax for RAW Women’s Championship

Nia wasted no time showing what she can do against Ronda Rousey, lifting her up and pinning her against the ropes and then throwing her across the ring.

With her hand around Rousey’s neck, Nia said “oh I don’t think so, Ronda” but Rousey did think so and started fighting back with some body blows.

It wasn’t enough to get Nia off her back though, as she got pinned again and Nia was able to get her up on her shoulders and preparing for a toss.

Rousey somehow got out of it and tried to get a lock in place but Nia was able to get to her feet and lift Rousey up again, this time completing the Power Bomb.

That left both women on the canvas but not for long. Nia got back up and started tossing Rousey around like a rag doll. Nia swung Rousey against the barricade from an upside down hold, the best blow of the match thus far.

Rousey looked completely out of it once she got tossed back in the ring, and she was able to get Nia into some sort of submission hold but it barely had any effect. Nia was barely phased and started the tossing again. So much tossing of Ronda Rousey.


The announcers repeatedly used the word “stalking” for what Nia was doing to Rousey in the ring and a more appropriate word doesn’t exist. She deployed a Samoa Drop on her opponent and Rousey tried to fight while she was down with a kick to the head or two and she eventually got in a position to make a move on Nia.

Even though she looked completely devoid of energy, she got to the ropes and Nia attempted to rush her but went through the ropes and hit the post instead.

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Alexa Bliss cashes in Money in the Bank to defeat Nia Jax for RAW Women’s Championship - THEKILLERPUNCH NEWS

Rousey turned things around by getting on the top rope for the very first time in her career to take Nia down, only for the champion to kick out of it and Rousey to once again reassess what to do. That gave her the energy to come up with a plan though, with a knee strike and a judo throw that pinned Nia only for her to kick out of it again.

Then it was Nia’s turn to get Rousey in a hold, but this time Rousey was able to get out of it and rock-bottomed Nia. Even that move wasn’t enough to stop Nia, as the champion got Ronda in a hold to hang onto any chance of a win.


Just as Rousey broke the hold and looked like she was going to break Nia’s arm, Alex Bliss came out of nowhere with her Money in the Bank suitcase and slammed Rousey in the back of the head. While she decided whether to cash in or not, Bliss slammed Rousey and Nia around a little bit more.

Finally, she indeed cashed the suitcase in only a few hours after winning it, and took on a one-armed Nia Jax for the championship. She succeeded, exacting her revenge on Nia after her best friend beat her for the belt at Wrestlemania.

This is her third RAW Women’s Championship, and she’ll have a target on her back after that performance and cash-in strategy. Whatever the future holds, what an amazing match.

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