Ewa Okpo slams Akwa Ibom Teen for dethroning nude, smoking queen

what is wrong with a beauty queen flaunting semi-nude picture to celebrate her birthday when she emerged queen through a semi-nude contest?

RE: Akwa Ibom Teen Queen Dethroned For Releasing Semi-Nude Photos- Right or Wrong.

I have followed with fascination the news and reactions of all and sundry regarding the semi- nude picture flaunted by a supposed pageant queen one Miss Abasiodiong Eyo as part of her birthday celebration.

To some it was utterly infradig of her crown and therefore deserving of dethronement. Corollary, report has it that the Akwa Ibom State Teenagers Forum has dethroned Miss Abasiodiong Eyo, winner of Mr/Miss Akwa Ibom Teen, 2017/2018 for releasing semi-nude photos on her birthday.

According to Comr. Martins Jimmy, President of the Forum in a statement made available to Ibom Reporters on Tuesday, the organization believes in maintaining high moral standards, describing the attitude of the former Queen as infantile and emphasized that the “semi-nude” photographs released by Miss Abasiodiong Eyo Inyang was entirely an exuberance of her own and never represented the views, positions, or primary focus of Akwa Ibom State Teenagers Forum, saying Miss Eyo must have been obsessed with the Miss Akwa Ibom Teen Crown given to her on November 10, 2017.
“Miss Abasiodiong Eyo has been dethroned as the 2017 Queen of Akwa Ibom Teenagers Forum and excommunicated from the Forum, forthwith.

Ours is a Forum, committed to raising the bar in pageantry, with high moral etiquettes, and as such, has zero tolerance for indiscipline in any form, whatsoever.

“That a new Queen, Miss Meggy Linus has been appointed and will be crowned within 48 hours of the Release. Miss Linus was the First Runner-up at the 2017 Edition of Mr/Miss Akwa Ibom Teen.”

Now, it is my learned opinion that as much as the said organization has the right to determine its members reserving the ultimate powers to admit and expel such and as much as they should as an organization have their own set down rules and regulation which its members must adhere to. It is however I must state here that such powers are susceptible to limits.

First, Miss. Abasiodiong Eyo earned the crown by contest. It was not just an appointment. In which case terms and conditions of enthronement must follow. Hence, if before her emergence as queen terms and conditions were not presented to her and so endorsed by her then I’m afraid the organizers as morally right as they may seem are in pursuit of troubles. The queen may have the right if not powers to hold unto her throne until her tenure elapses.
I’m every championship organizers reserve the right to stripe the champion of the championship if he/she breaches their rules of engagement not public moral conscience.

This equally applies to pageantry. Comr. Jimmy in his statement only referred to public morality. While he states the supposed standard of the group he has not stated if that is a mere presupposition or memorandum. Where it is the former I’m afraid that he has wronged the queen. The presumption on the other hand will be what queen will breach rules of her throne over a birthday picture except unless there was none.
Now, I understand that the organization is a fledging one with the embattled queen being their first perhaps this will avail them the opportunity to review their business holistically.

It is not that I promote pervasion but the truth is that people have rights too and such rights must be duly curtailed unambiguously when contracting with them to avoid such embarrassment as will make the law come down badly on morality.

In civilized societies the organizers would deny their connection with such attitude from their beauty queen and demand an explanation from her who may in turn apologize for her irrectitude while a panel is set for her to explain herself. The organizers cannot accuse her and condemn her without according her a fair hearing. Who knows if someone hacked her social media account to spread photo shopped images of her?

Come to think of it what is wrong with a beauty queen flaunting a semi-nude picture to celebrate her birthday when she emerged queen through a semi-nude contest in the first place?

Okpo Ewa Esq.

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