…Demand for Community Slots and Contracts

…Public Affairs sue for Negotiation

The youth of the four local government area of Eket, Ibeno, Esit Eket and Onna under the aegis of Host Community Youth Movement an hour ago held ExxonMobil Staffs, Contractors and Labour Committee members hostage for almost four hours at Villa Marina Hotel demanding for all the slots due to the youth to be released immediately or face the penalty.

The youth numbering over 300 besieged the whole facilities and vowed not to leave until their demands are granted. Speaking on behalf of the group, the Joint Chairman, Comrade Stanley Udoakagha said that the youth of the four local government area that play host to ExxonMobil Corporation has been over-cheated hence the need for the youth to take the bull by the horn to press forward their demands.

Comrade Stanley emphasized strongly that the movement is very committed to the cause of the four catchement area and will not condone any of denials either from the mother company and contractors.

Speaking further, Comrade Stanley expressed disappointment on how the Joint Labour Committee allowed two companies that came with slots for youth of the host communities to went back without any benefits because of infighting for the position of Community Interface Coordinator (CIC), saying such dismeneanor will not be condoned henceforth.


In his contribution, the Special Adviser of Host Community Youth Movement, Comrade John Cyril espressed displeasure over the poor treatment meted to the youth of the four local government area of Eket, Esit Eket, Ibeno and Onna by ExxonMobil, Contractors and Labour Committee.

He submitted that all what the youth need is jobs to survive as many opportunities are coming into the community but the youth are loitering around the street. He warned that those who are in the business of selling slots to outsiders should ceased henceforth as the group will monitor every company and contract that are due to the community and ensure that youths are given their right.

“We will never surrender our rights to anybody but will ensure that the youth of this communities are given their right,” he emphasized. He also advised that the idea of inviting strangers to come and lounge in hotels and go to work both offshore and onshore while community youth are begging to eat has passed. He promised that henceforth, nothing will stop them from getting their right and all benefits due to the community.

Speaking also, the Speaker of the group, Comrade Samuel Udoh stated that the action of youth is ignited by years of neglect and deceit by all the stakeholders including ExxonMobil, Contractors and Joint Labour Committee. He cautioned that the youth of the area has been taken for a ride for too long hence the need to put a stop to it.


Reacting to the demands of the youth, the Manager, Government and Public Affairs, Mrs Regina Udobong gave account of the insistence of ExxonMobil Corporation that Contractors should engage youth of the areas when slots are given out.

She worried that their directives were not followed hence the reaction of the youth.

Mrs Udobong thanked the youth for expressing their grievances and pleaded for a truce to be broker between ExxonMobil, Contractors and Joint Labour Committee.

It was unanimously resolved that a meeting be fixed and each local government should present representatives for peaceful negotiations.

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